Ikuta Erika's 2017 Seitansai Project (Introduction)


Hello everyone. Here I come…again…with a new oshimen. I really, really feel bad for Takamina and all my blog readers because I changed focus in these J-Pop girl idols. And I already lost count on how many times I apologized about this matter.

Well, let’s put that aside. As the title of this post said, this time I will create something like appreciation posts for my current oshimen’s upcoming birthday which is two weeks from now (1/22). (I never made this kind of post for Takamina or Acchan… I feel bad again… orz)

In this post, I collected some clips where Ikuchan introduced herself in several shows. As her very first introduction, it was in Nogidoko (Nogizaka tte, doko?) episode one. She mentioned that she can say all 47 prefectural capitals in Japan. And she made that as her specialty. But when Shitara (MC) asked for Mie’s prefectural capital, she couldn’t answer it by saying; “I forgot for now”


“I can name all prefectural capitals!”


“What’s the name for Mie’s prefectural capital?”

jikoshokai-mkv_snapshot_00-19_2017-01-09_06-51-17 jikoshokai-mkv_snapshot_00-22_2017-01-09_06-51-34

“I forgot for now”

But then in episode two, she proved that she can say it. She was able to say all 47 prefectural capitals. But still, if someone asks for certain ones, she can’t answer it soon. Girl, you’re so cute :3


MC: “How about Shiga prefecture?”


“Shiga prefecture…”

Still in the same episode, Ikuchan got a new introduction phrase from Himura (MC). Because her favorite food is udon, Himura put that in the phrase.

jikoshokai-mkv_snapshot_02-25_2017-01-09_06-52-46 jikoshokai-mkv_snapshot_02-20_2017-01-09_06-52-38

“Don-don Iku-don Ikuta-don U~DON!”

FYI, Maiyan said that she likes this catchphrase the most among all :3

Another version of her introduction is revealed in 16nin no Principal act-one (musical). In this musical, all 36 members were given a task to introduce herself for one minute as an appeal point in this act-one. Some people might already know that this musical’s act-one is audition. Their roles will be decided by the vote in that day.

Ikuchan created a unique introduction. She sings an opera song (Nel cor più non mi sento) and adds self-introduction between.

Yuttan (Saitou Yuuri) said in Nogidoko episode 52 that Ikuchan was a diligent-type of kid. Once, members were asking Ikuchan to joke around in a meeting room but Ikuchan refused to do that. But Yuttan also added that Ikuchan turned weird now. Yuttan said that Ikuchan added weird song in her self-introduction. Bananaman asked if her self-intro is an intro of a comic play.


“I’m not that kind of person so I don’t want to do that (joke around)”


“But now she adds weird song in her self-intro.”


“My favorite food is Udon.”


Shitara: “You became strange in just one year.”

Years passed. Last year, Ikuchan appeared alone in Chikara Uta. She said that she hates to do a “one minute self-intro”. The MC and other guests in that show wanted to see her self-intro. She did it and amazed (or actually shocked?) people there.

jikoshokai-mkv_snapshot_07-58_2017-01-09_07-03-29 jikoshokai-mkv_snapshot_08-01_2017-01-09_07-03-37

Note: I’ll add the sub later

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