Shiraishi Mai’s 2017 Seitansai Project (IkuMai & Sayurin/Baka Couple & Ikuchan/Karaage Sisters & Maiyan?)

I guess this post has the longest title ever in my blogging history.

And yeah, this project got delayed too orz
I have no excuses this time (I have a lot tho) so let me make it up.

So, let’s have a small discussion first regarding the tittle. Which one is the perfect one to you? It’s kinda hard for me to choose.

…well I’m biased to the first choice anyway. But it’s still hard. I like Karaage Sisters too.

Shall we make a new ship name for these three? I’m bad at naming so I’ll entrust to you all =))


(It’s 2 am here and I used my brain to finish subbing ealier so I won’t write much this time. Possibility write amendment in the future for this post)

I think these three got the spotlight as a ship since NogiDoko 1st valentine special (in Feb 2014) where Ikuchan gave the present to Sayurin, Sayurin to Maiyan, and Maiyan to Ikuchan. A perfect circle for triangle love. lol

Here goes some of Maiyan’s blog posts related to these three.

120930 Omelette Rice for Lunch(o^_^o)

I have an announcement!


今夜19時〜放送 フジテレビ
Tonight, 7 pm on Fuji TV’s
Ikuta, Matsumura, Shiraishi, three of us will make a footage appearance in “Bakushou! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu”!


What is the common feature of these three…?


Please watch it for the details(^O^)/


I’ll post again next timeo(*・д・*)o


いくたそ × まいやそ(←いくちゃんがこう呼んでくるんです(⌒ー⌒)
Ikutaso x Maiyaso (←Ikuchan called me like this(⌒ー⌒)

I’ve not wathced that program yet ; ___ ; I’m waitign for someone generous out there to tell me a link to that video… m(_ _)m

121204 Mont Blanc La La(o^_^o)

こんばん♪( ´▽`)は

Good even♪( ´▽`)ing

Yubi Bouenkyou’s MV was aired in NogiDoko for a little!


This photo was taken when we had a filming for the MV☆


It was a bit misty in the picture. But after that, it became clear and showed up its beautiful scenery(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Please watch the MV for details♡lol

The ‘imouto’ aura is strong from Ikuchan in that photo ❤

130201 Shalt See Through(o^_^o)


Something is different than usual. Did you notice it?


As Maiyan’s fan, I’m sure you noticed it in a jiff!

As a test, I asked Ikuchan, Kazumin, and Sayurin…


Only Sayurin got the right answer!
As expected from my darling(〃▽〃)



Ikutaso and Kazumin keeps saying “this one’s different!” but they didn’t get the right answer. Sobs…

But I’m happy they noticed many things from me. *shy*

“My darling”
As expected from a canon ship =))

161216 Sweet(o^_^o)

And then, did you also watch our performance with Pikotaro-san?

I was wearing his trademark costume!


SayuApple pose

Waka joined us too♡

For  this one, let me say this…


Since I discovered that Waka and Maiyan are really close, lately I craved for more WakaMai moments :3
Okay, that’s a bit irrelevant to this post. Let’s move to the next one before I lose against my fatigue.

170204 Turn Around(o^_^o)

A moment when I met Ikuchan again after a long time.

The one I’m hugging is Ikuchan
The one who tied her hair using pink rubber is Sayurin

And Manattan who looks at us

We’re having fun together evertyday♪


3P AND NTR /headshot (←exhausted+sleep-deprived+has no proper internet connection+no money=crazy af)

I really like Maiyan’s expression in this photo. So gentlemen <33333

I’m getting crazy about this ship. o<-<


It really needs to amend. I’m sure I have more trivia regarding this topic. But I can’t think of any anymore. I’ll update soon. Good mornight! o/


Shiraishi Mai’s 2017 Seitansai Project (MV)

Whoa! It’s 8:00 PM here and I can finally open my laptop to write this after I’m done with my office work.

This time will be slightly brief and there’ll be some grammar errors due to overworked brain so…I apologize in advance m(_ _)m

As the title said, MV or Music Video. Once I read an IkuMai thread in a Japanese forum, those two became canon/official pairing since Girl’s Rule MV. It’s true I guess. But I can’t say that they’re canon though. Not so many people ship these two. But I’m happy whenever IkuMai created a moment or two together, people in thread I follow were saying “Oh, here comes IkuMai!” or “IkuMai is really soothing” or so they said. It’s good to know that I’m not alone T v T

Now back to MV topic.

I was planning to create .gifs where IkuMai are together in every MV. But…I guess I’ll postpone it and do it when I have more me time than office time. I will do. I…promise.

That wasn’t so convincing but, I will definitely do. Dunno when tho. Don’t worry, I’m a pro(crastinator) after all =))

Seriously now,

here I present you some of Maiyan’s blog posts that related to MV along with Ikuchan.

120204 Me and Kanojo*♪

There’s a scene where a girl was rubbing other girl’s leg in Guru-Guru Curtain’s MV,




actually that’s my leg that rubs Ikuchan’s!



Just a little trivia (lol)


That is why I put a gif of that scene in my Tumblr yesterday :3

FTOOJBO!!! *shot*


I need to restrain myself from doing an intense delusion here.


Up next!

130315 Mint Green(o^_^o)

Shakiism as the coupling song!

It’s obvious I wanted you all to listen to the song, but I recommend you to watch the MV too.


With Ikoma; my BFF and Ikuta the moral committee.


Actually I’m very close with the moral committee lol

Hmm… Okay… I couldn’t help myself but imagining what kind of things the ‘moral committee’ was doing to male Shiraishi in the MV…

I cannot stop grinning… SOMEBODY HELP!!!


Move to the next one before my delusion escalates.

130610 Pure White(o^_^o)

Oh, right.

Girl’s Rule’s MV has finally released!


So many scenes were took place at the pool. Members were doing their best in the filming by waking up early and staying until late.


And then, it’s the exact opposite with Shakiism, me and Ikuchan are close friends in this MV!


Aw, yeah♡



Yes, the ‘so-called’ beginning of official IkuMai. I like how they spent their time together when they were taking break from the filming. And I still have the urge to sub the video but since the source is DVD…I think it’s best for me not to share it or else $ony might take all my accounts including this blog down L



131122 Effort and Will-power(o^_^o)

In chorus part, I danced desperately along with Ikuchan. (Sonna Baka na…’s MV)


First time I watched this MV, I didn’t realize IkuMai’s aura. Instead, I shipped Ikuchan with Waka lol


Okay. I guess that’s all I could present to you this time. Don’t worry, I will take one day leave on Friday so I’m gonna have 4 days consecutive free days! Yay! More time to spend to be productive in my fandom life.

And as always, you can add more information that I didn’t mention here. I’m reachable so contact me anytime. See you!

*)I didn’t translate the word ‘Kanojo’ because it has double meaning. It can be both ‘she/her’ and ‘girlfriend’ so…you know what I mean *wink, wink*

Shiraishi Mai’s 2017 Seitansai Project (Oshimen)

The day is near.

I was planning to do this since I planned for Ikuchan’s in this year’s first half. Well, many things distracted me to prepare this properly since the beginning, so I’ll do it as I prepared last night.

At first, I was planning to to the same like I did on Ikuchan’s; cut some scenes from TV program and gather them into some categories which became Maiyan’s trademark. But it would take too much time. So I changed the plan into “posting some IkuMai moments that mentioned in Maiyan’s blog”. Not only that, I will also add some trivia in each post. So let’s start with this ‘Oshimen’ first.

Actually I haven’t heard/saw Maiyan said that Ikuchan is her oshimen in a TV show. But she was saying it in some interviews.

Here goes what I’ve discovered

Shiraishi Mai’s Oshimen: Ikuta Erika

Ikuchan is very cute. She’s good in singing, can play the piano, even good in dancing. She also has a nice style. In other words, she is perfect. Only one minus point she has; she can’t cook (lol). I’m older than her so she talks to me as if I’m her big sister. And that is another cute part of her. If people ask me to choose one member as an oshimen in Nogizaka46, no doubt, it’s Ikuchan for me. source

Next is from a magazine interview

Let’s give it a zoom

Question 8: Your oshimen in the group?

Ikoma: *immediate answer* Nishino Nanase-chan! She’s an angel.
Shiraishi: Ikuchan (Ikuta Erika) maybe?
Sakurai: Higuchi Hina-chan
Hashimoto: I’m a DD. Oh, but please make it as Saito Asuka if it’s needed to be narrowed down (lol).
source Samurai ELO 120224

Need more proofs? Challenge accepted! Here goes what I’ve found from Maiyan’s blog

140125 Long Time No See(o^_^o)

◎How is Ikuchan like in usual times~?

She is honest, but sometimes she turns into amusing person. I don’t know why she is always praising me.

Ikuchan’s night spririt is very cute, you know?
Oh, wait. She is ALWAYS cute.

What can I say? She is my oshimen after all!


Another one

140805 To The Next(o^_^o)

Good evening

There was an announcement of 10th single senbatsu members
And then, Ikuchan welcome baaaack!
I’ll support you as center. Let’s do our best and enjoy it as you like!

Ikuchan is my forever oshimen. I love youー♡



“I love youー♡”




There was a time when Maiyan is almost oshihen (change oshimen) to Minami. She stated in her 755

Konekotan (fan): Who will be your next oshimen after Ikuchan?
Maiyan: Lately, I feel that Minami is getting cuter and cuter. Everytime I gave her some clothes, she always give back something to me. Yesterday she gave me chocolate (T ^ T)♡ She said that her mom insisted her to give it to me…(T ^ T) It’s ok if I don’t get anything though (T ^ T)

But in the end, her oshimen is still Ikuchan. Proof? If you are a regular reader of this blog, I’m sure you already read this one as well, right? (I’m too lazy to rewrite it so please refer to the attached link m(_ _)m )

That’s all I could share this time. You can add more trivia regarding this topic by submitting them on the comment section, mention me on twitter, ask me on tumblr, anything! I’ll gladly wait and open my arms for it.

Well then…I’ll continue subbing another episode to upload on my other blog. See you later!

[SUB] Mouse TV CM Summer Ver. Making of (IkuMai part)


Actually I finished subbing and rendering the video last week. But I don’t know why DM wouldn’t let me upload the video directly to its uploader. So I had to upload it using GC’s app. All in all, I’m glad it uploaded successfully.


This time I came back with a subbed video. I have no idea if there’s someone who already have posted the translation or even subbed the video like I did. Even so, I would upload it on my blog AND I FINALLY DID!

Well, at first, I was crazy over the IkuMai fan services in the Mouse TV CM making from a TV news. And I went even crazier watching the original making of video.

I meant, look at this!





*heavy breathes*

…let’s take a look at the other scenes.

Iku: “It suits you, you know?”


…okay. So they’re undoing those buttons. And Ikuchan, where are you looking at?

The last…


I really want to thank the cameraman who filmed this making of video. This is surely a masterpiece. Thank you. Thank you so much…

Now that this post and videos are posted. I can sleep peacefully tonight.

…and dreaming about Ikuchan and Maiyan.

The Pieces of My Happiness (6-June-2017)

Hi, all!

Inchan here.

I’m not making a full comeback to this blog yet, but since there are some things that made me happy in this late (12:25 AM, local time), I’ll write them down here.

So, I found this scanlation of NOGI_SATSU Vol.014 from 2ch

(Credit to the uploader. This photo is NOT mine)

Actually I’m currently in sleep-deprived mode since yesterday night but I discovered some things that made my tiredness flew away.

Let me highlight the ones which made me feel so happy.

First, this one.

[Shiraishi Mai]         [Wakatsuki Yumi]

These two are frequently together. Strong desire to improve oneself is their mutual.
(Photo by: Akimoto Manatsu)



I…think this is new to me.
Indeed these two’s ambition is kinda alike. I mean, both of them are very diligent and responsible to their works. But the thing that they’re together quite frequently is surprising to me.

I would love to see them together in an interview or even radio program. Talking about how they proceed their work or maybe talking the future of Nogizaka. Someone please ask staff-san for me. (If they already did one or two, kindly inform me)


Up next,

[Ikuta Erika]

My oshimen. Do your best for “Les Misérables” musical!
Photo by: Shiraishi Mai




Okay, calm your horses, self!

I was about to fall asleep while waiting for the scanlation to be loaded. But the moment I read that Maiyan took the photo, I FULLY AWAKE! I almost gasped so loud but thanks to the agility of my hand. It quickly covered my mouth. If not, I might wake my friends up (currently on sleepover ww).

Let’s get back and focus on the words “My oshimen” in the caption.
As far as I could dig in, Maiyan chose Ikuchan as her oshimen since the early days of Nogizaka. I found it from a magazine scanlation and a web portal interview. But I won’t write the details because I’m heating it up for my future blog post :3

Maybe it just me, but…okay. First, let me use my one of linguistic knowledge; pragmatics, to analyze the words of “My oshimen”.

I can feel the nuance that Maiyan is very proud of Ikuchan. Ikuchan is appearing in Japan’s and worldwide’s well known musical “Les Misérables”. It’s like Maiyan were implying, “Choosing Ikuchan as my oshimen is the right choice” or “Everyone, this multi-talented member of Nogizaka IS my oshimen”.

Well, those are merely my hypothesis. Please don’t take it seriously. Viva free-speech!

The thing is…it’s my relief that Maiyan didn’t oshihen to other member. Well, she almost did to Minami but i think Minami became her ni-oshi (2nd oshimen) ww.


Last one,


I just watched some bonus footage from the 3rd album. I watched this from “Nonaka’s Douga (Video)”.




It’s waaaaaay too beautiful that I might cry…


But if I cry,

It will worsen my runny nose.


Well, then.

I can barely open my eyes now. My apology if there are some mistypes in this blog post.
I’m typing in a room with the lights off.


See you again!