[SUB] Megashaki Challenge (Karaage Sisters and Maiyan)

Wow! Finally! Actually I finished subbing and encoding the video 2 days ago. But I didn’t know why the chrome plugin to upload videos directly from dropbox to dailymotion keeps on failing. So I tried to upload it to google drive first but the connection I tethered from my phone was unstable so…yeah. I’m tried dealing with slow connections. orz

Put that miserable side of me away. I’m presenting you a video of Karaage Sisters and Maiyan in Megashaki Challenge. For the nth times, I don’t know if someone already subbed this. I don’t mean to be bragging, but I don’t watch Nogi’s videos using subs that’s why I don’t know. (And lazy to look up on the net as well)

Enjoy the video!

(You can’t watch it on dailymotion because I’m setting the video as private. Please watch in this post.)

Naginata Club ~Ray’s Original Story~ (Ray October 2017 Issue)

If Maiyan and Nogizaka46 members were in “Naginata Club”…
Being an awe-inspiring and lovely ‘Asahinagu’; mix-matching clothes in 30 days!

As a commemoration of movie “Asahinagu” release, Maiyan became a main role in this mix-match and 3 members of Nogizaka46 also appeared as special guests! We put some essences of the movie into this Ray’s original story. Pay attention to Maiyan who wears stylish clothes in cute-adult way❤


  • マイ Mai (Shiraishi Mai)
  • エリカ Erika (Ikuta Erika)
  • マリカ Marika (Ito Marika)
  • レイカ Reika (Sakurai Reika)

Day 1
Naginata club’s practice today has ended! What should we do after this~?

Right after the practice ended, I asked them, “Let’s go to a cafe!” but Erika and Reika wanted to go for a karaoke and Marika wanted to eat beef bowl! This happens a lot. Our ideas are never matched. It’s the usual pattern (lol)

Day 2
I ate taiyaki with Reika at cafeteria after school.
When the class ended, I bumped to Reika in front of classroom. “Senpaaa~i, treat me some taiyakis please?” she begged using a cute expression on her face. Oh, geez, it can’t be helped~!
Reika: “Are you a type who eat it from its head first?”
Mai: “Yeah, I think I’ll eat from its head first.”

Day 3
Using bicycle to commute. For the sake of bodybuilding as Naginata member.
I have a rule to myself; not to let my commuting time wasted for nothing! 30 minutes bicycling for a one-way to university since I was a freshmen. The wind feels refreshing!

Day 4
“You look more matured!” said a former senior of mine in Naginata club

Day 5
Woke up early today to do some groceries at morning market along with my little brother.

Day 6
Putting my hard work as part-timer the whole day!

Day 7
Having class in first period… I’m in a living hell!

Day 8
At the library with Marika!
Ugh, I’m really not good studying…
I got failing mark in exam, again. So I’m borrowing Marika’s note to study for a remedial. It would be great if I got credits from Naginata…can I, Prof?
Mai: “I don’t want to study~”
Marika: “You must study properly. Or else you’ll repeat those classes!”

Day 9
Today’s study group is canceled! I’ll go for a shopping to release my stress.
I supposed to study at the library again with Marika, but I can’t take it anymore… As a prize for doing my best yesterday, I think I’ll buy some clothes.
Mai: “I’m sorry, Marika!”

Day 10
I guess I’ll cook something. It’s been a while~

Day 11
Let’s go for a karaoke with my club juniors!

Day 12
I was being in high spirits yesterday, so today will be my chill day.

Day 13
A fateful encounter happened…❤
I’ll tell everyone about my ‘love at the first sight’!
At a train, I encountered an ideal type of a hunk❤ Since he was holding a naginata, I hope I can see him again in a tournament~ For now, I’ll contact three of them♪

[The Squad❤Naginata Club (4)]

Mai: “I think I fell in love
Marika: “Really? What kind of guy?”
Reika: “A hunk? Is he from our uni?”
Mai: “Nope! But he was holding a naginata!”
Marika: “Wooow~❤ It could be a fate, don’t you think?”
Reika: “I envy you~!!!”
Erika: “Senpai fell in love to someone… NO WAY!!!

Day 14
Is it because I’m in love??? My stomach keeps growling❤
I just ate ramen, but I’m still hungry. Is it because it’s autumn already? Or, because I’m in love? Nah❤ I’ll buy some dango and go home.

Day 15
Walking for an hour as a diet program!

Day 16
I can’t stop thinking of him even when I’m working part-time!

Day 17
Heading to Shibuya to watch a romance movie with Reika❤

Day 18
Going to cosmetic counter to buy new lipstick♪

Day 19
Going to hair salon to prepare myself in case I’ll meet him again next time❤
No school today, so I’ll go to a hair salon in Omotesando. I didn’t know that I could be this happy everyday when I’m falling in love!

Day 20
Oh, no! I was dreaming of him that made me overslept…
I have a morning practice in club activity and yet I overslept. I’ve never done this before! I have to tell the others right away. I feel like neglecting naginata lately.

[The Squad❤Naginata Club (4)]

Mai: “Sorry, I’ll be late for the practice!”
Reika: “That’s unusual of you.”
Mai: “I…overslept…”
Erika: “Are you even trying to focus on practice, senpai?”
Marika: “She’s right. Are you neglecting the club lately?”
Mai: “I’m so sorry. I’ll treat you girls ice cream later!”

Day 21
Unexpectedly I met again with him!❤ I asked him his LINE ID❤

Day 22
I can’t put my back into naginata!

Day 23
It’s hard to concurrent club activity and love! 

Day 24
I bumped into Erika at library! But she is kinda…weird?

Day 25
When I said hi to Erika in front of classroom, she ignored me…
She was kind of weird yesterday so I tried to call her out but she ignored me! I greeted her on LINE, but she just read my chat. What makes her mad at me like that??
Erika: “Mai-senpai is stupid!”
Mai: “Meanie! Why is she ignoring me?!”

[Mai, Marika, Reika (3)]

Mai: “Erika ignored me today! Don’t you think that’s mean?”
Marika: “Tbh, it’s a matter-of-course that she’s mad at you judging from what you’re doing lately”
Reika: “I think so too!”
Mai: “Eeeeh… No way…. 😦 ”
Marika: “Mai, you’re her senpai, go apologize to her!
Reika: “I’ll bring Erika!”

Day 26
I’m not really good to apologize to people!

Day 27
I consulted with Marika on the way home! Somehow I feel relieved❤

Day 28
Reika gave me some advice too… I have to be honest!

Day 29
Alright, I’ll tell my true feelings to Erika tomorrow!

Day 30
Reika: “Just be honest, okay?❤”
Erika: “Yeah, I will!”

Marika: “Go on, apologize to her”
Mai: “Uuuh…”

With everyone’s supports, I can finally being honest❤ We’ll be friends from now and forever!
I was speaking honestly to Erika, and she forgave me. There’s no love ban rule in university, so I do want to fall in love (lol). But now, these three are my everything

[The Squad❤Naginata Club (4)]

Mai: “To me, I prefer naginata than romance!”
Marika: “Oh really~??”
Reika: “Agree~ lol”
Mai: “You girls are such a tease (lol)”
Marika: “You can do both, right?”
Erika: “I will cheer for senpai’s love life from now on
Mai: “Thank you



Thanks to this story, I’ve got an idea to write a one-shot of fanfiction. Currently writing the story line so I won’t forget the idea that may lead me to another writer’s block. Yes, I don’t want to redo my mistakes.

Anyway, sorry for the poor quality of images. I’ve tried to find the scans but I couldn’t find anywhere 😦


Thanks for reading! 

[SUB] 170919 Kayou Surprise (Ikuchan and Maiyan part)

UPDATE (2017/09/21 6:22PM)

Hardsubbed video DDL link

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(Note: This post is supposed to be published yesterday. But due to many circumstances, it got delayed. And sorry for some miss translations.)

Aww yiss! OTP together as guest stars in a TV show! ❤

Nah, I guess I won’t be too hyped this time. Because…well, as you can see, Maiyan is crying there. So many meanings behind those tears. But I guess it’s kinda hard for me to interpret. Is it because she was thinking about leaving the group that made her broke into tears when the diviner told her that, “This is still the beginning of Nogizaka’s era”?

I don’t know. And I’d rather not to talk about graduation. I’m fed up.

I’ll just positively think that she was holding those tears because what the diviner said about her is right. She really is giving her best for the group. She isn’t thinking about herself. She always thinks about the group. Even though she didn’t say that directly, I knew, we, fans knew that.

Well, for now…

I’ll just pray for myself so I can get the Tokyo Dome Concert ticket.

Aaaaand….. Maybe I’ll spend some minutes to stare at their back appearances.

Ufufu~ ❤

Shiraishi Mai’s 2017 Seitansai Project (IkuMai & Sayurin/Baka Couple & Ikuchan/Karaage Sisters & Maiyan?)

I guess this post has the longest title ever in my blogging history.

And yeah, this project got delayed too orz
I have no excuses this time (I have a lot tho) so let me make it up.

So, let’s have a small discussion first regarding the tittle. Which one is the perfect one to you? It’s kinda hard for me to choose.

…well I’m biased to the first choice anyway. But it’s still hard. I like Karaage Sisters too.

Shall we make a new ship name for these three? I’m bad at naming so I’ll entrust to you all =))


(It’s 2 am here and I used my brain to finish subbing ealier so I won’t write much this time. Possibility write amendment in the future for this post)

I think these three got the spotlight as a ship since NogiDoko 1st valentine special (in Feb 2014) where Ikuchan gave the present to Sayurin, Sayurin to Maiyan, and Maiyan to Ikuchan. A perfect circle for triangle love. lol

Here goes some of Maiyan’s blog posts related to these three.

120930 Omelette Rice for Lunch(o^_^o)

I have an announcement!


今夜19時〜放送 フジテレビ
Tonight, 7 pm on Fuji TV’s
Ikuta, Matsumura, Shiraishi, three of us will make a footage appearance in “Bakushou! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu”!


What is the common feature of these three…?


Please watch it for the details(^O^)/


I’ll post again next timeo(*・д・*)o


いくたそ × まいやそ(←いくちゃんがこう呼んでくるんです(⌒ー⌒)
Ikutaso x Maiyaso (←Ikuchan called me like this(⌒ー⌒)

I’ve not wathced that program yet ; ___ ; I’m waitign for someone generous out there to tell me a link to that video… m(_ _)m

121204 Mont Blanc La La(o^_^o)

こんばん♪( ´▽`)は

Good even♪( ´▽`)ing

Yubi Bouenkyou’s MV was aired in NogiDoko for a little!


This photo was taken when we had a filming for the MV☆


It was a bit misty in the picture. But after that, it became clear and showed up its beautiful scenery(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Please watch the MV for details♡lol

The ‘imouto’ aura is strong from Ikuchan in that photo ❤

130201 Shalt See Through(o^_^o)


Something is different than usual. Did you notice it?


As Maiyan’s fan, I’m sure you noticed it in a jiff!

As a test, I asked Ikuchan, Kazumin, and Sayurin…


Only Sayurin got the right answer!
As expected from my darling(〃▽〃)



Ikutaso and Kazumin keeps saying “this one’s different!” but they didn’t get the right answer. Sobs…

But I’m happy they noticed many things from me. *shy*

“My darling”
As expected from a canon ship =))

161216 Sweet(o^_^o)

And then, did you also watch our performance with Pikotaro-san?

I was wearing his trademark costume!


SayuApple pose

Waka joined us too♡

For  this one, let me say this…


Since I discovered that Waka and Maiyan are really close, lately I craved for more WakaMai moments :3
Okay, that’s a bit irrelevant to this post. Let’s move to the next one before I lose against my fatigue.

170204 Turn Around(o^_^o)

A moment when I met Ikuchan again after a long time.

The one I’m hugging is Ikuchan
The one who tied her hair using pink rubber is Sayurin

And Manattan who looks at us

We’re having fun together evertyday♪


3P AND NTR /headshot (←exhausted+sleep-deprived+has no proper internet connection+no money=crazy af)

I really like Maiyan’s expression in this photo. So gentlemen <33333

I’m getting crazy about this ship. o<-<


It really needs to amend. I’m sure I have more trivia regarding this topic. But I can’t think of any anymore. I’ll update soon. Good mornight! o/