211220 Ikuta Erika’s Blog “Graduation Concert〜♪600”

The gradcon for two days
was safely finished few days ago.

To those who came
and those who watched the live stream
thank you very much!!

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[SUB] Karaage Shimai’s worries about their graduation concert

I think I’m still at denial stage about Ikuchan’s graduation. I still can’t believe she will leave Nogizaka46 in 19 days… Every morning I woke up from my sleep, I always wish that everything is just a dream. I struggled a lot how to editing so it’s impossible for me to build a time machine.

About this post, I received this question in my CC last month.

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Are These Hints for Ikuo’s Return…?

This one is not gonna be a long post. Besides, I’m tired after all the re-render and re-edits of the hardsub after a long tamago. Was subbing this hard? ; _ ;

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Ikuta Erika’s Solo Graduation Song, “Toki no Wadachi” Lyrics and Translation

Toki no Wadachi (lit. Ruts of Years)

Note: The translation below is a rough translation so it might contain inaccuracies.

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211025 Ikuta Erika’s Blog “To everyone” + Personal Thoughts

As of December, 31st 2021,
I will graduate from Nogizaka46

I joined when I was in 9th grade and stayed until I reached 24 years old
I truthfully had 10 years of happiness.

I started to think of graduating sometime back then,
but then I realized that I didn’t want to leave.

(That’s just showing how) I really loved the days I’ve spent with everyone so much.

Considering, thinking again, considering… repeatedly
When I took the time carefully, in the end
I was able to decide, “I will leave!”

I announced this suddenly
it may have upset everyone.

When I’m recalling some memories, I can’t help but feel sad.

However, if everyone accepts this decision,
I will be happy.

Before I entered Nogizaka, I was a straight-laced person
While being a member of younger group who wasn’t afraid of anything, I kept moving forward
and before I knew it, it seems that I became a strange person, lol

Whenever I reminisce things, it’s full of embarrassing things
But it’s kind of dazzling, isn’t it?

I am now completely an older member. As I’m growing up,
I feel stronger and also felt timid sometimes.

I laughed more often, but I endured tears more as well.

I’m sure if I was alone, I’d be crumbled somewhere.

Anytime, any condition (of myself),
(there were) members who held my hands
fans who pushed my back (to support)
staffs who guided me
family who supported me

Thanks to everyone
that I managed to come this far.

Thank you very much for
sharing your love.

Even after graduation, even the things are changed
while exploring new ways of life and expressions,
I’ll be happy if
I can get along with everyone.

My life as an idol is two months left

10th Anniversary album, Tokyo Dome, music program, meet and greet…
Also, graduation concert is scheduled to be held on December.

I want to cherish every single thought for everyone.

To be able to meet (members and fans) in Nogizaka
I am sincerely grateful.

I love you.

Ikuta Erika

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