[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Part 1)

Q1. Do you prefer to eat your favorite thing first or last?
A: Last! As for cake, I will eat the strawberry at the very last bite.

Q2. What’s the origin of ‘Maiyan’ nickname?
A: My friend gave it to me when I was in vocational school. Because I liked Nishino Kana-san so much and her nickname is Kanayan, hence; Maiyan.

Q3. What was your specialty subject at school?
A: Sport. Especially sprint.

Q4. What’s your favorite color?
A: It depends on the season. Lavender for spring, white for summer, bordeaux or green for autumn. I think it’s black for winter.

Q5. Country you want to visit.
A: Maldives. I want to see overwater cottage.

Q6. Best country you’ve been visited so far.
A: The one I’ve gone for photobook shoot; L.A. The streets are pretty and the foods are tasty.

Q7. 3 things you’d bring to unpopulated island
A: Lighter, knife, and a friend (lol)

Q8. Your height.
A: 162 cm

Q9. Thing that made you lol’d hard lately.
A: I usually laugh together with Nogizaka members. And I always tease them.

Q10. Your favorite day.
A: Friday and Saturday used to be my favorites because the next day is holiday. But now that I’m working for my job, my favorite day is the day when my favorite TV program is airing; Wednesday. I really like “Downtown’s Wednesday”.

Q11. Lucky thing that happened recently.
A: To receive a Kagoshima’s beef as present from Ozono in a TV show for yearly Valentine’s episode! I want to cook it as sukiyaki and/or shabu-shabu. FYI, I prefer ponzu shabu-shabu.

Q12. Things that made you wailing recently.
A: Now that you mentioned it, it was when we won last year’s Japan Record Award. Also, comparing to the past, I cry and get infectious crying easily now. I’m also weak when I watch animals documentary on TV.

Q13. Your all-time best movie.
A. It’s “About Time”. I can’t watch it without crying. I like love story movies.

Q14. Tell us how you spend your relaxing time.
A. I think it’s when I’m taking a bath. I can relax myself by light a scented candles and soaked myself into the tub.

Q15. How do you spend your free time during filming or other works?
A. By listening to some music or taking a nap. I like R&B such as Ne-yo and Usher’s songs.

Q16. What kind of dream you’ve seen lately that gave you impact in your life?
A. I don’t see any dreams recently. Probably because I slept like a log.

Q17. Which one do you prefer; pajamas or sweatshirt?
A. I prefer to wear a T-shirt only. I like it when my bare skin touches the blanket. It’s kind of cold at the first but it gets warmed eventually. That’s what I call a bliss.

Q18. Nickname you hate the most.
A. There is no such thing!

Q19. Your all-time worst test mark.
A. I failed some tests… I’m bad at History and Science.

Q20. Things you’re bad at.
A. Tidying. But I’m getting good at it, yet I can’t throw away things.

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[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Index)

Hello everyone! Long time no post.

Well, I do realize that I’m being a negligence again. And it’s playing on loop in my fan life.

BUT! Rather than reflecting myself and doing nothing, please let me retry to build my interest and will to continue working in this website.

So, I wonder if you guys still remember my tweet below.

Yes. I said that on Maiyan’s day this year. So it was roughly 3 months ago.

Better late than never.

Here I present you some translations of Ray May 2018 Issue (Extra) – Mai Memorial Book!

This issue was Maiyan’s last appearance as Ray exclusive model. The extra issue is full of quality contents so I want to share to you all by translating it. I was straying away way too far from Nogi fandom so I don’t know if there is already someone out there who translated it. I just want to finish what I’ve started so by all means, please enjoy reading my translations!


Ray 2018 May Extra Issue
Shiraishi Mai Graduation Album
Ray x Mai Shiraishi
2013 – 2018

100 Questions About Maiyan
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Nogi_Satsu Vol. 57 Translation

Translation: inchan
Raw text provider: inchan
Check & revisions: N/A
Scanlation source: 2ch


Only in Nogisatsu that you can see some rare snapshots!

Weekly Photographers-01
A beautiful 170cm girl with fine style - Umezawa Minami
“I started to appear regularly in an article of ‘Nikkei Entertainment’! To be a regular in an article is one of my dreams, I’m so happy about this!” She is often being relied as MC among 3rd generation members.

Weekly Photographers-02
A sociable oldest member-Shinuchi Mai
“Are you accustomed already with the new environment, freshmen? Don’t lose to May blues*, do your best!” She is the MC of ‘All Night Nippon 0 (Zero)’

Weekly Photographers-03
A character who acts cute and wants to be loved – Akimoto Manatsu
“I love to travel overseas. We appeared in an event in Hong Kong on February, and I really want to go to other countries as well so Nogizaka46 will get known wider.” She is appearing in many variety shows.


Wakatsuki Yumi・Eto Misa
They used a blanket and posed like a cutesy 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Ozono Momoko・Umezawa Minami
Momoko often comes to me and then sits on my lap. She is taking kindly to me and a spoiled kid 📷 Umezawa Minami

Yamashita Mizuki・Eto Misa・Mukai Hazuki
Hazuki suddenly appeared from below. Even though it’s only her face in the frame, the emphasis is great! 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Hori Miona
I think Miona doesn’t regard me as her senior (lol) 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Shiraishi Mai
Perhaps there were so many times of her to put on deep color of lipstick during “Influencer” 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Nishino Nanase・Wakatsuki Yumi
It’s so rare for them to be clingy like this! I can sense the boyfriend and girlfriend ambiance from them~ 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Iwamoto Renka
A sheep-like twin-tails fit her image as well. As expected from Nogizaka’s youngest member! 📷 Umezawa Minami

Sakurai Reika
She is trying to suck the Zunda shake using her nose. Such a playful Captain 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Terada Ranze
She is holding make up sponges and doing an angry pose. Trying to image a devil? 📷 Shinuchi Mai


Saito Asuka
I pretended to be Asuka’s lover and took this photo
I took a photo of Asuka who lied down on a sofa right after done a recording of pajama talk segment in a TV program! Everytime I take Asuka’s photo, I always aware by imagining myself as her lover. And this time, I think I did a good one. In my imagination, we were watching a DVD together and when I looked at my side, Asuka fell asleep there. When I was being fascinated by Asuka’s sleeping face, she suddenly awake and said, “What are you looking at?” She was actually pretending to be asleep and she realized that I was staring at her… There goes my delusion in this one photo 📷 Shinuchi Mai
#Pajama #SoClose

Matsumura Sayuri
A girl who wants to fulfill both desires
While stuffing a rolled sushi, she is also using a roller face for a face care. Mattsun, which one do you want? Do you want to eat or do you want to lose weight~!? 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Saito Asuka・Eto Misa・Saito Yuuri・Akimoto Manatsu
Manatsu-san is waiting for a whipped cream!
Actually I was trying to take a picture of Manatsu who had a whipped cream stuck on her nose and the other three were like, “Here goes your cunning act again!” with a stern face. But there wasn’t anything with whipped cream near us. They were creating such situation and waiting for a real whipped cream here (lol) 📷 Shinuchi Mai

 *Blues experienced by college freshmen or workplace recruits shortly after beginning school or work

Nogi_Satsu Vol. 56 Translation

Translation: inchan
Raw text provider: inchan
Check & revisions: N/A
Scanlation source: 2ch


This week as well, it’s full of member’s natural expressions!

Weekly Photographers-01
Performing artist -Wakatsuki Yumi
“Lately I often went to karaoke because there are so many songs that I wanted to sing. When I go with Akimoto Manatsu, she will do a matching dance with the song (lol)” 1st photobook 『Palette』is on sale.

Weekly Photographers-02
A beautiful 170cm girl with fine style - Umezawa Minami
I have had times when I can’t catch up with 3rd gen younglings’ eagerness by saying some weird phrases in the dressing room. I’m still 19 though…” She is often being relied as MC among 3rd generation members.

Weekly Photographers-03
A girl who loves to talk – Saito Yuuri
“Recently, I often talk excitedly with Machu (Matsumura Sayuri) about Korean. Let’s go to eat some Korean foods again next time.” Currently a personality of Radio “Nutty Radio Show THE SOUL” (NACK5).


Iwamoto Renka
Anyhow, Renka is a vigorous kid. She is all merry in dressing room just like any other 14 years old kids 📷 Umezawa Minami

Hori Miona
Taking a nap during break. I’m appeased by her baby like sleeping face 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Eto Misa
Misa is trying her newly purchased lip gloss. I’m getting a heart-throb with her adultness charm<3 📷 Saito Yuri

Matsumura Sayuri
She did a karaage pose; the trademark of Karaage Sisters’ unit that she is in along with Ikuchan 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Shiraishi Mai・Akimoto Manatsu
Mai-chan likes to help members to brush their teeth. She is like a mother 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Kubo Shiori
She is fair-skinned and slender but she is passionate inside. The gap is amazing! 📷 Umezawa Minami

Akimoto Manatsu・Ikuta Erika
Perhaps it was because we were at overseas that makes Ikuchan’s becoming in a high spirit. Look at that smug face 📷 Saito Yuuri

Saito Asuka
An S sized orange looks like bigger than Asuka’s face when it’s put next each other!? 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Sakurai Reika・Shinuchi Mai
These two often bring foods from home and eat them at location where we work (lol) 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Nishino Nanase
・Akimoto Manatsu・Ikuta Erika・Sakurai Reika・Nakada Kana・Wakatsuki Yumi
Naachan’s idea of dressing room’s mini skit
I was thinking of taking some photos of gathering members who are doing something together in dressing room. Then Nanase suddenly said, “Alright, I’ll be a bull.” and an impromptu of bullfight started (lol). Nanase was all out as the bull, and Wakatsuki, Reika, and the others were also steadily played along by putting those serious faces. Members like to fool around like this. Actually Nanase also likes to fool around. Us doing things like this in a dressing room makes me think that we didn’t change at all; doing things at our own pace. 📷 Saito Yuuri
#ShortSkit #Bullfight #GroupPerformance

Ozono Momoko
One shot that is fully loaded with dating-feel!
I went for a movie date with Momoko! We watched that horror movie where a clown appeared. But we were too scared and then left the theater in the midway. We were laughed by people who sit beside us. We promised to go to an aquarium in Osaka for our next date 📷 Umezawa Minami

Akimoto Manatsu・Sakurai Reika・Saito Asuka
Expressionless is indicating someone’s will!?
Asuka is forced to do a heart shape and she is totally looked in nothingness. But if we see from a maniac side, Asuka who’s used to being all cool isn’t opposing at all and just do what Manatsu tries to do with her. I personally think it has high moe (cuteness) points (lol) 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
#Heart #NoNoNo

Nogi_Satsu Vol. 55 Translation

Translation: inchan
Raw text provider: inchan
Check & revisions: N/A
Scanlation source: 2ch


Nogisatsu is full of shocking photo-shoots by members.
The behind the scene stories are also a must-read!

Weekly Photographers-01
A character who acts cute and wants to be loved – Akimoto Manatsu
“I’m going to go out eating with members quite often lately. While thinking, ‘We meet everyday and we really talk a lot~” that, we keep on talking (lol)” She is appearing in many variety shows.

Weekly Photographers-02
Performing artist -Wakatsuki Yumi
“It’s an exact opposite of my own characteristic, but I want to try a photoshot session with cute and children story telling book world like themes!” 1st photobook 『Palette』is on sale.

Weekly Photographers-03
A sociable oldest member-Shinuchi Mai
“It’s the season of flower gazing. I wasn’t able to go last year, so I really want to go for flower gazing along with members!” She is the MC of ‘All Night Nippon 0 (Zero)’

Shiraishi Mai
Mai-chan’s rare photo shot right when she just woke up. Even though she just woke up, there is no change that she is beautiful 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Matsumura Sayuri
Macchun is the fittest among members with princess-like fashion I think 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Eto Misa
Target locked on defenseless Misa who’s having lunch. Her lips shape is cute! 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Saito Asuka
We don’t see twin-tailed Asuka lately. It fits her so well! 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Sagara Iori・Hori Miona
They usually are being playful with each other but they are also being all spoiled sometimes 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Saito Yuri・Matsumura Sayuri
Both of them like Korean. They are all hyped in dress room by talking about Korean cosmetics 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Takayama Kazumi
When I pointed my camera to her, she turned all hyped by herself with that guts pose. Such a mystery (lol) 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Yoda Yuki
Yoda-chan was hungry. Look at her satisfied face holding that packed box lunch (lol) 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Akimoto Manatsu
Whatever the season is, Manatsu always wearing casual clothes with her shoulders are showing. That looks chilly 📷 Shinuchi Mai



Shiraishi Mai・Eto Misa
A duo oneesan’s (elder sister) recital contest.
Maiyan saw Misa who is about to polish her toenails. Maiyan said, “Let me do that for you!” and then starts to polish. To that Misa said, “Then I will do yours!” and they polished each other. One polish on fingernails and one on toenails. I also like to do trivial things so maybe I’m good in polishing nails as well. Once I looked up to be a nailist when I was still at school. And also cabin attendant, pastry chef, announcer, and so on. So many occupations that I was looking up to. But I ended up to be an idol which wasn’t on my to-be-list. It was so unforeseen to me! 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
#nails #polisheachother

Saito Yuri・Ikuta Erika
They are losing themselves into food and that’s so cute!
There were some chimaki as refreshments and Ikuchan stuffed her cheeks with it. Yuri opened her mouth right beside Ikuchan but Ikuchan just completely ignored her (lol). Ikuchan is a type of someone who is frank with her own desires. Especially her desire of foods. She will just eat them wholeheartedly 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Wakatsuki Yumi・Nishino Nanase
The person whose got impersonated is excited!?
Naachan performed Wakatsuki’s trademark gag; ‘Hashi-kun’ using splittable wood chopsticks. She didn’t realize the owner of the gag is right behind her and just seriously impersonating. Wakatsuki who saw that was impressed and like, “Naachan is doing my ‘Hashi-kun’!” (lol) 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
#Hashi-kun #TheOwnerAppears