Nogi_Satsu Vol. 56 Translation

Translation: inchan
Raw text provider: inchan
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This week as well, it’s full of member’s natural expressions!

Weekly Photographers-01
Performing artist -Wakatsuki Yumi
“Lately I often went to karaoke because there are so many songs that I wanted to sing. When I go with Akimoto Manatsu, she will do a matching dance with the song (lol)” 1st photobook 『Palette』is on sale.

Weekly Photographers-02
A beautiful 170cm girl with fine style - Umezawa Minami
I have had times when I can’t catch up with 3rd gen younglings’ eagerness by saying some weird phrases in the dressing room. I’m still 19 though…” She is often being relied as MC among 3rd generation members.

Weekly Photographers-03
A girl who loves to talk – Saito Yuuri
“Recently, I often talk excitedly with Machu (Matsumura Sayuri) about Korean. Let’s go to eat some Korean foods again next time.” Currently a personality of Radio “Nutty Radio Show THE SOUL” (NACK5).


Iwamoto Renka
Anyhow, Renka is a vigorous kid. She is all merry in dressing room just like any other 14 years old kids 📷 Umezawa Minami

Hori Miona
Taking a nap during break. I’m appeased by her baby like sleeping face 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Eto Misa
Misa is trying her newly purchased lip gloss. I’m getting a heart-throb with her adultness charm<3 📷 Saito Yuri

Matsumura Sayuri
She did a karaage pose; the trademark of Karaage Sisters’ unit that she is in along with Ikuchan 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Shiraishi Mai・Akimoto Manatsu
Mai-chan likes to help members to brush their teeth. She is like a mother 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Kubo Shiori
She is fair-skinned and slender but she is passionate inside. The gap is amazing! 📷 Umezawa Minami

Akimoto Manatsu・Ikuta Erika
Perhaps it was because we were at overseas that makes Ikuchan’s becoming in a high spirit. Look at that smug face 📷 Saito Yuuri

Saito Asuka
An S sized orange looks like bigger than Asuka’s face when it’s put next each other!? 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Sakurai Reika・Shinuchi Mai
These two often bring foods from home and eat them at location where we work (lol) 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Nishino Nanase
・Akimoto Manatsu・Ikuta Erika・Sakurai Reika・Nakada Kana・Wakatsuki Yumi
Naachan’s idea of dressing room’s mini skit
I was thinking of taking some photos of gathering members who are doing something together in dressing room. Then Nanase suddenly said, “Alright, I’ll be a bull.” and an impromptu of bullfight started (lol). Nanase was all out as the bull, and Wakatsuki, Reika, and the others were also steadily played along by putting those serious faces. Members like to fool around like this. Actually Nanase also likes to fool around. Us doing things like this in a dressing room makes me think that we didn’t change at all; doing things at our own pace. 📷 Saito Yuuri
#ShortSkit #Bullfight #GroupPerformance

Ozono Momoko
One shot that is fully loaded with dating-feel!
I went for a movie date with Momoko! We watched that horror movie where a clown appeared. But we were too scared and then left the theater in the midway. We were laughed by people who sit beside us. We promised to go to an aquarium in Osaka for our next date 📷 Umezawa Minami

Akimoto Manatsu・Sakurai Reika・Saito Asuka
Expressionless is indicating someone’s will!?
Asuka is forced to do a heart shape and she is totally looked in nothingness. But if we see from a maniac side, Asuka who’s used to being all cool isn’t opposing at all and just do what Manatsu tries to do with her. I personally think it has high moe (cuteness) points (lol) 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
#Heart #NoNoNo


Nogi_Satsu Vol. 55 Translation

Translation: inchan
Raw text provider: inchan
Check & revisions: N/A
Scanlation source: 2ch


Nogisatsu is full of shocking photo-shoots by members.
The behind the scene stories are also a must-read!

Weekly Photographers-01
A character who acts cute and wants to be loved – Akimoto Manatsu
“I’m going to go out eating with members quite often lately. While thinking, ‘We meet everyday and we really talk a lot~” that, we keep on talking (lol)” She is appearing in many variety shows.

Weekly Photographers-02
Performing artist -Wakatsuki Yumi
“It’s an exact opposite of my own characteristic, but I want to try a photoshot session with cute and children story telling book world like themes!” 1st photobook 『Palette』is on sale.

Weekly Photographers-03
A sociable oldest member-Shinuchi Mai
“It’s the season of flower gazing. I wasn’t able to go last year, so I really want to go for flower gazing along with members!” She is the MC of ‘All Night Nippon 0 (Zero)’

Shiraishi Mai
Mai-chan’s rare photo shot right when she just woke up. Even though she just woke up, there is no change that she is beautiful 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Matsumura Sayuri
Macchun is the fittest among members with princess-like fashion I think 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Eto Misa
Target locked on defenseless Misa who’s having lunch. Her lips shape is cute! 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Saito Asuka
We don’t see twin-tailed Asuka lately. It fits her so well! 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Sagara Iori・Hori Miona
They usually are being playful with each other but they are also being all spoiled sometimes 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Saito Yuri・Matsumura Sayuri
Both of them like Korean. They are all hyped in dress room by talking about Korean cosmetics 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Takayama Kazumi
When I pointed my camera to her, she turned all hyped by herself with that guts pose. Such a mystery (lol) 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Yoda Yuki
Yoda-chan was hungry. Look at her satisfied face holding that packed box lunch (lol) 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Akimoto Manatsu
Whatever the season is, Manatsu always wearing casual clothes with her shoulders are showing. That looks chilly 📷 Shinuchi Mai



Shiraishi Mai・Eto Misa
A duo oneesan’s (elder sister) recital contest.
Maiyan saw Misa who is about to polish her toenails. Maiyan said, “Let me do that for you!” and then starts to polish. To that Misa said, “Then I will do yours!” and they polished each other. One polish on fingernails and one on toenails. I also like to do trivial things so maybe I’m good in polishing nails as well. Once I looked up to be a nailist when I was still at school. And also cabin attendant, pastry chef, announcer, and so on. So many occupations that I was looking up to. But I ended up to be an idol which wasn’t on my to-be-list. It was so unforeseen to me! 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
#nails #polisheachother

Saito Yuri・Ikuta Erika
They are losing themselves into food and that’s so cute!
There were some chimaki as refreshments and Ikuchan stuffed her cheeks with it. Yuri opened her mouth right beside Ikuchan but Ikuchan just completely ignored her (lol). Ikuchan is a type of someone who is frank with her own desires. Especially her desire of foods. She will just eat them wholeheartedly 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Wakatsuki Yumi・Nishino Nanase
The person whose got impersonated is excited!?
Naachan performed Wakatsuki’s trademark gag; ‘Hashi-kun’ using splittable wood chopsticks. She didn’t realize the owner of the gag is right behind her and just seriously impersonating. Wakatsuki who saw that was impressed and like, “Naachan is doing my ‘Hashi-kun’!” (lol) 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
#Hashi-kun #TheOwnerAppears

Nogi_Satsu Vol. 54 Translation

Translation: inchan
Raw text provider: inchan
Check & revisions: N/A
Scanlation source: 2ch


We are publicizing Godly photos taken by members!

Weekly Photographers-01
Group’s first Office Lady Concurrent Idol – Shinuchi Mai
“Every year, whenever the hay fever season is coming, I become depressed… I can’t stop sneezing and that’s quite suffering to me.” She is the MC of 『All Night Nippon ZERO』

Weekly Photographers-02
A character who acts cute and wants to be loved – Akimoto Manatsu
“I wonder if there’s any a job that specialized to judge like pointing ‘this combination is no good!’ to a women fashion magazine? I want to aim to that gap!” She is appearing in many variety shows.

Weekly Photographers-03
A beautiful 170cm girl with fine style - Umezawa Minami
“3rd generation members are starting to get a solo job, I will also refine my skills and do my best!” She is often being relied as MC among 3rd generation members.


Yoda Yuki
A merry Yoda whenever she is eating. She is so cute when chewing the food 📷 Umezawa Minami

Ozono Momoko
I went to eat gyuutan with Momoko. Our favorite menu is shiratan♪ 📷 Umezawa Minami

Higuchi Hina・Sakurai Reika
Hinachima the soothing character. She has a broad-mindedness personality that elder members are also fawning on her 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Yamashita Mizuki
She is always being all cool when interacting with me. Being playful like this is very rare to me! 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Shiraishi Mai・Matsumura Sayuri
It’s unusual that Maiyan was the one who’s giving the kiss. Macchun was blushing for real 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Ikuta Erika・Akimoto Manatsu
Ikuchan’s hair is so silky. Is Manatsu checking Ikuchan’s whorl of hair on the back of her head!? 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Takayama Kazumi
Perhaps it’s because she’s doing it in front of a white wall so the orange looks like floating!? Nah, we can see the obvious trick 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Saito Yuri
Yuri is taking photos of members for Nogisatsu. Her communication skill is so high! 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Suzuki Ayane
Ayane-chan often reads difficult books when she is in dressing room. I can see intelligence in her 📷 Shinuchi Mai




Ikuta Erika
Erika-sama was being all soft to me when we were in overseas.
When we went for an event in Singapore, Ikuchan were all high since in the morning. When we went to a restaurant for lunch, I pointed a camera to her and she gave me a curiosity face on purpose. It was like, in a middle of a date, the girlfriend is saying; “Geez~!” cutely to her boyfriend, wasn’t it? Perhaps it’s because we were in overseas and her mood was all happy. Her behavior towards me was milder than usual. Usually she would go all, “Hey, Manatsu!” in anger tone tome (tears). If Ikuchan was my girlfriend, I think I would get abused… 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Saito Asuka・Akimoto Manatsu
Finally! Manatsu’s face became smaller than Asuka’s.
Asuka’s super small face is causing optical illusion. Just how far Manatsu should be away from her so they will look balanced? I tried this experiment. Of course it looks okay if Manatsu is away this far (lol). Manatsu was also posing as if saying, “It’s okay from this far!” (lol) 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Takayama Kazumi・Matsumura Sayuri・Nishino Nanase・Yoda Yuki
(Yoda is) 1st generation members’ idol?
Yoda-chan always being petted like a little puppy and being said, “You’re so cute~” by senior members. But everytime she is being said like that, she says, “Please don’t say that!” and pouts. It’s actually cunning, but her puffed face is cute! 📷 Akimoto Manatsu


180422 Nogizaka Under Construction Highlights


I’m still feeling emo with Ikoma grad con today. But, here we go.

This week Nogichuu is 20th single hit prayer.

Shitara: We didn’t hear details about the hit prayer this time. Looks like Ikoma went for it.

Shitara: Ikoma, how was it?

Ikoma: If you ask me how was it, it was like the usual.

Himura: I see. So it was rough as usual.

Ikoma: For this single hit prayer, I will do it since this is my last single before I graduate.

Ikoma: Why? Because it’s mount climbing again.

Sign: Mountain until the end.

Ikoma: I also want to teach many things to 3r gen members who carry on (Nogizaka’s) future.

Sign: Ikoma’s last teaching.

Ikoma: We are also having a special guest today.

Minami: Minami is also here~ ❤

Minami: Why? Why?

Minami: Why am I here?

Sign: Unable to comprehend the situation

Minami: Just how many times I should try again to give my best until I get forgiven?

Ikoma: It was like all decided since the time of senbatsu announcement of this single that you will also go for this hit prayer.

Minami: Like in handshake event, fans were like, “Nicely done for the hit prayer!” even though I haven’t gone for it yet. And then I guess I couldn’t do anything but go do the prayer.

Minami: Since Ikoma-chan is graduating after this, I think I will also graduate from doing hit prayer!

Minami: Let’s pass the baton to the 3rd gen.

Lol, I thought she was there for her PB hit prayer!

Ikoma: If Minami-chan is graduating from doing hit prayer, then…shall we choose the new captain for Mount Climbing club from them?

Sign: We are not even members of this club anyway…

The climbing starts!

Staff: (To Ikoma) It’s your last mount climbing in Nogizaka46

Minami: It’s my last as well!

Sign: Persistently wants to retire

Ikoma: Do you know the timing we are doing this now? It’s two days right after 46hours TV.

The climbing was going monotone for 30 minutes.

Minami: Everyone are becoming quite…
Ikoma: This isn’t good!

Ikoma: I’m afraid that we can’t fill the duration for one episode if everyone is being quite like this.

Minami: I will talk a lot today.

Ikoma: That certain person who likes to be tripped isn’t here after all.

Sign: ‘That’ girl isn’t here.

5 hours since they started climbing, they finally face the last rough spot. They have to climb a cliff that almost 90 degrees.

First climber is Minami

Minami: Since I’m the first one to climb, I want everyone to rest assure that this isn’t so frightening.

Words: She is calmly climbing so the 3rd gen members won’t be in anxiety.

Minami-chan… You’ve really grown up… I’m so proud of you ; __ ;

Minami: I’m finished!

2nd climber is Momochan. She did it well without any major difficulties.

3rd climber is Yoda.

4th climber is Kubo.

5th climber is Mizuki

Mizuki: I can’t move my legs well… But I’ll do my best!

She did it!

The last is the captain. With all her feelings for both of the club and the group, she climbed up the cliff.

Ikoma: Some members are first timers, but it seems we climbed in joy so I have no regrets!

All: We wish for 20th single; “Synchronicity” will become a big hit!

Minami: Let’s pray for Ikoma-chan’s graduation as well!

Momochan: Also for her activities after graduation…

Ikoma: Huh? What? You girls will pray for me?

Momochan: We wish for your happiness!!
Ikoma: Thank you!

Shakiism all the way! ❤

20th single hit prayer has been done successfully!

Shitara: Now that the captain for Mount Climbing club is about to leave, Hoshino, don’t you want to be her successor?

Minami: Actually I had other job in my schedule that time. But I didn’t know why it turned into mount climbing schedule.

Minami: My manager said, “Mountain is top priority”

Shitara: How about you, Akimoto?
Manatsu: I’m not sure if a captain who likes to get tripped is fit to lead the club…

Shitara: Say what?

Sign: Verbal slip

Shitara: Asuka-chan is also member of the club, right?

Shitara: Why don’t you be the captain?

Ashu: I have been concealing my existence because I really don’t want to be.


Shitara: How about action club?

Ikuchan: Scuba diving club too.

Shitara: How are you girls doing with the club?

Ikuchan: I really want to go at least do the dive activities.

Ikuchan: If scuba diving is really impossible,

Ikuchan: I just want us to dive into something.

Shitara: Let’s end this club activities temporarily.

Two different reaction from club leaders. Lol.


180415 Nogizaka Under Construction Highlights

This week episode was the continuation from last week’s; 3rd gen members’ good points in their parents view.

First topic in this episode is:

“My daughter is actually a/an xx”

First time came up was Umezawa Minami that she is actually a scaredy cat and a spoiled kid. She is scared of ghosts especially when she is at her grandma’s house. She said it’s because the house is old styled so that’s why.

And then the MC asked if there’s any other scaredy cat members.

Iku: Asuka-chan couldn’t take a bath alone
Ashu: Because I was really scared of ghosts. But that’s when I was in middle school. I’m fine now to enter the bath alone.

Shitara: So you’re now fine to enter abolished hospital’s bath?
Sign: Everyone wouldn’t ever do that

Ashu: That time, Maiyan and Sayurin were singing and dancing Nogizaka’s songs in front of the bathroom
Sign: Kind older sisters

Ashu: Actually Ikuchan was in the same room but she didn’t join us.
Ikuchan: I had to do bunch of homework that time.

Next is Yamashita Mizuki. Her parent said that her half-asleep state is terrible.

Mizuki’s Mama: When I woke her up in the morning, she said, “Mama, don’t forget to feed the giraffe”

Mizuki: My parent said that I often sleep-talking since I was a kid. Also, when I was sleeping, I hit things near me.

Mizuki: I also often get sleep paralysis. When I woke up, I could see my own feet in front of me.

Sign: Reversed exorcist?

Next is Riria

Riria’s parent: She was disguising as a boy and streaming herself on the internet.

Ikoma-sensei reacted to the word ‘Danso’ (disguising as a male)

Riria’s mother: It should be a secret to her, but I watched the stream.

Riria’s mother: When I said to her, “I’m going out for a while” she was so happy to hear that. I was thinking that she was up for something. 

Riria’s mom: When I was out of the house, I knew that she was streaming herself online.

Wow! Ikemen!

Ikoma-sensei likes it as well.

Shitara: I think he (she) looks like Ikuta.

Ikuchan: Is it because of this pose?

Oh, she doesn’t forget about her alter-ego ❤

Riria: I knew that she was watching after I’ve done the streaming.

Riria: She said, “I watched it!” after I finished.

Next is Renka.

Renka’s parent: She always leaves some of her food everyday.

Riria: What is this?! The temperature differences are extreme!

Shitara: Yours was in intense cold after all.
Sign: 30 degrees below freezing point of a story from her mother.

Renka’s mother: She puts wraps on the dish she didn’t finish and writes “I will definitely eat this tomorrow”.

The proof.

Sign: A heartwarming episode from mother and daughter.

Shitara: Itou, what do you think about this?

Riria: Extreme temperature differences!

Next topic is

My daughter strong points

First up is Kuboshi

Kubo’s parent: (Her strong point is) Her yearning to idols

Kubo’s parent: She really likes to dance since in her childhood.

Kubo’s parent: Her request for her birthday present when she was in elementary school was,

Kubo’s parent: A microphone stand.

Kubo: I really wanted a microphone stand that time. But I didn’t need the mic. That time, AKB’s song was so popular.

MC: Heavy Rotation?
Kubo: Yes.

Hebirote was popular when Kubo was in elementary school? …I feel so old already ._.

Shitara: How about Nogizaka’s song? Is there any that has standing mic in the dance?

Kubo: ‘Sekacchina Katatsumuri’

Kubo: It’s one of my dreams to perform that song.

Up next is Tamachan

Tamami’s parent: Her bravery.

Tamami’s parent: She couldn’t play piano but she candidate herself to be accompanist pianist in a chorus.

Ikuchan’s reaction was like, “Wow…”

Next topic is the opposite; their weakness.

Up first is Denchan

Denchan’s parent: She’s bad in speak out.

And then the studio is back with ‘Yahhoo~!’ championship.

Denchan did well in shouting “Yahho~!”

MC pointed to Minami to do next.

As usual, we get a gentle “Yahho~” from her.

Sign: Please give us a serious one.

Minami is tuning her voice.

Still ended up with gentle “Yahho~<3” from her.

Ikoma-kun and Misa-nee are happy with it anyway lol

MC pointed at Naachan to try next.

She did well that makes the MC shocked.

Sign: Nishino’s best ever “Yahho~”

Himura: Your voice was so loud that makes me a little put off.

Sign: We want you to keep it down.

Next is Reno.

Reno’s parent: She is bad at sports. She couldn’t do a dribble.

But when she was challenged to do the lay up, she succeeded.

Reno: I had a basketball practice at school a month ago. I became good in basketball.

Ikoma’s trauma is awaken here. She is still scared by the ball.

And then Manatsu was challenged as well. But her forms and all were calculated (cunning).

Shitara: Seriously!?

Even Naachan shook her head lol

Ashu was challenged as well. It’s her first time to do a lay up. And her starting form was too weird.

Shitara: Hold up!

Shitara: Are you going for a full speed?

Please see the episode. I can’t upload the .gif because as usual, bad internet connection.

Ashu: Huh? It was different with what I imagined…

Ashu: Huh? That was scary…

She tried again and she almost tripped.

Ashu: Scary…

Ashu: Eww, scary…

Next episode is 20th single hit prayer. Ikoma, Minami, and 3rd gen members (in senbatsu: Yamashi, Kuboshi, Yoda, and Momoko maybe?) are going to do the prayer. Another mount climbing perhaps? I think the reason why these members were chosen are:

  1. Ikoma’s last single and also the captain of mount climbing club
  2. Minami is also praying for her PB hit and also a member of mount climbing club
  3. 3rd gen members in the senbatsu is like an obligatory thing to do.

Looking forward to next episode~