161025 Ikuta Erika's Blog ("Sayonara no Imi" 〜don♪453) + Sakurai Reika

Good Evening

I appeared in All Night Nippon
along with Nanamin and Reika few days ago!

Nanamin announced her graduation there.

Frankly, I feel so sad about this
but there are still about 4 months to go before her graduation.
So I’d better save this feeling

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[SUB] RH2010 Rank 61st and 60th Commentary

Kojiharu, Kitarie, Tomo~mi and Yukirin are the commentators in this video.

It’s more fun to watch RH using commentary tracks. I’ll sub more so wait for it! Enjoy the video.


[Sub] 130816 Another Sky (Maeda Atsuko)

“Hey, jerk!!”

I did this sub yesterday all night long. It made me forget about my Contest of Champion’s event orz. I couldn’t get my Galactic Spidey ; _ ; Put that aside.

This time I subbed Acchan’s Another Sky. This episode is very interesting. Acchan showed her real self when she was in New York. And I found it adorkable.

And as per usual, I’m sorry that I couldn’t upload HQ version to dailymotion. My connection is a real crappy.

And I’m sorry that I couldn’t write the sub for original English script. My English listening skill is getting dull. It makes me worry about my next TOEFL in order to graduate from college ; _ ;

Anyway, enjoy my translation! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

ss (2016-01-17 at 09.18.43)


credit for lyrics translation: Stage48 Lyrics