[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Part 2)

Q21. People you’re respecting.
A. My parents.

Q22. Things you are never miss to do.
A. To use a vacuum cleaner.

Q23. Your dream when you were a kid.
A. A florist and a stylist.

Q24. Your favorite onigiri’s filling.
A. Seasoned kelp and dried salmon. Those two are Shiraishi family’s specialty. My mother used to make it for me.

Q25. What did you eat for breakfast today?
A. Fruits sandwich.

Q26. Is there any words you cherish that were told by someone?
A. “Don’t forget to be thankful”. On my 20th birthday, my mother sent me a lengthy message. It was the first time for me since I joined Nogizaka46.

Q27. Member of Nogizaka that you wanted to try to be just for a day.
A. Manatsu! She is very feminine. She can cook and good with handicraft. She has something I don’t have like her ability of quick thinking in variety shows! That’s why I want to try those abilities by to be her even just for a day!

Q28. Which part do you wash first when showering?
A. Hair. Basically I wash from head first. When it comes to make-up cleanse, I’m using cleansing oil for make-ups near my eyes. I’m using milk type cleanser to cleanse other parts.

Q29. Your best specialty that you believe no one could beat.
A. My wrists are so flexible. I can rotate them in circle.

Q30. Song that you must sing in a karaoke.
A. Nishino Kana’s “Kono Mama de”. I sang that song in Nogizaka46 audition.

Q31. When you think that you’ve gained weight, what do you do?
A. Firstly I’ll review my diet. I’ll minimize my carbohydrate intake and focus my diet to vegetables.

Q32. What do you eat to reward yourself?
A. Meats! I really like pork belly. I like fried pork belly wrapped round sliced onions, meat rolled vegetables…they are ultimately delicious.

Q33. What do you do to recharge yourself when you feel down?
A. I usually eat when I’m feeling down. We can power up by eating, don’t you think so?

Q34. First thing(s) you do when you wake up in the morning.
A. Firstly, I turn off my alarm. Then to fully wake myself up, I take a warm shower. It also helps me to warm my body.

Q35. 3 things you hate the most in this world.
A. Cockroaches, narrow spaces, and celery.

Q36. Which one do you prefer? Being funny or being straight man?
A. Definitely straight man.

Q37. What will be your first drink in a girls’ party?
A. If it’s alcoholic, I’ll have plum wine soda.

Q38. What will you do if you have a bad day?
A. I talk to someone. Or eat something yummy.

Q39. Things you’re collecting unintentionally.
A. Socks. I have some with lame cloth on them and simple colored ones as well lately. I’m wearing socks everyday so I buy without second thought if I saw the ones I like.

Q40. Your strong point.
A. I’m energetic since morning everyday!

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[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Part 1)

Q1. Do you prefer to eat your favorite thing first or last?
A: Last! As for cake, I will eat the strawberry at the very last bite.

Q2. What’s the origin of ‘Maiyan’ nickname?
A: My friend gave it to me when I was in vocational school. Because I liked Nishino Kana-san so much and her nickname is Kanayan, hence; Maiyan.

Q3. What was your specialty subject at school?
A: Sport. Especially sprint.

Q4. What’s your favorite color?
A: It depends on the season. Lavender for spring, white for summer, bordeaux or green for autumn. I think it’s black for winter.

Q5. Country you want to visit.
A: Maldives. I want to see overwater cottage.

Q6. Best country you’ve been visited so far.
A: The one I’ve gone for photobook shoot; L.A. The streets are pretty and the foods are tasty.

Q7. 3 things you’d bring to unpopulated island
A: Lighter, knife, and a friend (lol)

Q8. Your height.
A: 162 cm

Q9. Thing that made you lol’d hard lately.
A: I usually laugh together with Nogizaka members. And I always tease them.

Q10. Your favorite day.
A: Friday and Saturday used to be my favorites because the next day is holiday. But now that I’m working for my job, my favorite day is the day when my favorite TV program is airing; Wednesday. I really like “Downtown’s Wednesday”.

Q11. Lucky thing that happened recently.
A: To receive a Kagoshima’s beef as present from Ozono in a TV show for yearly Valentine’s episode! I want to cook it as sukiyaki and/or shabu-shabu. FYI, I prefer ponzu shabu-shabu.

Q12. Things that made you wailing recently.
A: Now that you mentioned it, it was when we won last year’s Japan Record Award. Also, comparing to the past, I cry and get infectious crying easily now. I’m also weak when I watch animals documentary on TV.

Q13. Your all-time best movie.
A. It’s “About Time”. I can’t watch it without crying. I like love story movies.

Q14. Tell us how you spend your relaxing time.
A. I think it’s when I’m taking a bath. I can relax myself by light a scented candles and soaked myself into the tub.

Q15. How do you spend your free time during filming or other works?
A. By listening to some music or taking a nap. I like R&B such as Ne-yo and Usher’s songs.

Q16. What kind of dream you’ve seen lately that gave you impact in your life?
A. I don’t see any dreams recently. Probably because I slept like a log.

Q17. Which one do you prefer; pajamas or sweatshirt?
A. I prefer to wear a T-shirt only. I like it when my bare skin touches the blanket. It’s kind of cold at the first but it gets warmed eventually. That’s what I call a bliss.

Q18. Nickname you hate the most.
A. There is no such thing!

Q19. Your all-time worst test mark.
A. I failed some tests… I’m bad at History and Science.

Q20. Things you’re bad at.
A. Tidying. But I’m getting good at it, yet I can’t throw away things.

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[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Index)

Hello everyone! Long time no post.

Well, I do realize that I’m being a negligence again. And it’s playing on loop in my fan life.

BUT! Rather than reflecting myself and doing nothing, please let me retry to build my interest and will to continue working in this website.

So, I wonder if you guys still remember my tweet below.

Yes. I said that on Maiyan’s day this year. So it was roughly 3 months ago.

Better late than never.

Here I present you some translations of Ray May 2018 Issue (Extra) – Mai Memorial Book!

This issue was Maiyan’s last appearance as Ray exclusive model. The extra issue is full of quality contents so I want to share to you all by translating it. I was straying away way too far from Nogi fandom so I don’t know if there is already someone out there who translated it. I just want to finish what I’ve started so by all means, please enjoy reading my translations!


Ray 2018 May Extra Issue
Shiraishi Mai Graduation Album
Ray x Mai Shiraishi
2013 – 2018

100 Questions About Maiyan
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


180610 Nogizaka Under Construction Highlights (Maiyan vs Toad)

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a Nogichuu hi-lite. Actually I was about to scrap this one because I was getting all distracted by an unstoppable fur ball biting machine and non-stop doing some errands here in my parents’ house. But since I’ve finished timing last time, I think it’s way too wasteful to scrap so here I present you yet another subbed (LQ) video of last night’s Nogichuu’s highlight.

It’s all about picking which one you think is better from two nightmare choices. It was kind of unexpected that they did one game for the whole episode. Also, it was a little confusing when Maaya started to solve the problem of the game so I’ll just skip that part.

The 1st game is,

“Which one you don’t want to put on your hands? A. Scorpion B. Toad”

For me, I definitely don’t want to put on a scorpion on my hands. Toad is waaaaay much easier for me to hold.

Speaking of a toad, this episode is actually reminiscing me of Nogidoko episode 100.

Toad from Nogidoko 100

Toad from last night’s Nogichuu.

They’re equally big, I think. Let’s see the different when Maiyan holds is.

Nogidoko’s one is bigger, isn’t it?

That’s not only the difference. In Nogidoko 100, Maiyan was all brave and did it promptly.

Comparing to last night Nogichuu, she was being all frightened by the toad either before holding and after holding.

But I found that cute so no complains =))

Is she about to go to another dimension?

I personally like this one the most. Her reactions never fail me to laugh and like her more.

I admire you because even though you’re in distress, you’re still being polite.

Well, then. Enjoy the video!

Maiyan x Wakatsuki Yumi “Asahinagu” Special Talk – Ray November 2017 Issue

Two people who played the same role as “Miyaji Maharu” in film and stage…
Maiyan x Wakatsuki Yumi “Asahinagu” Special Talk
“Asahinagu Collaboration”, which has become popular last month issue, the 2nd collaboration project is here! This time, to celebrate the release of the movie, Wakatsuki Yumi of Nogizaka46 who played the same role as “Miyaji Maharu” on the stage play, will be welcomed as a guest, and we will deliver their talk with Ray. What is “Asahinagu” for both of them? Maharu, who was played by those two, what could be her charm point? Such questions, their conversation were discussed thoroughly.  
“She, who only speaks few words, but her every word holds very powerful meanings! A feminine but has a cool aura; this is Maharu’s charm point.” – Shiraishi
“Maharu’s seriousness to Naginatais something that I admire.” – Wakatsuki
Strong and dignified Naginata, what does the two girls thought towards Maharu’s charm?
– First of all, how was your impression watching each other acting out as “Miyaji Maharu”?
Wakatsuki: As I watch the film where Maiyan’s scene appeared, I told myself, “So Maharu-ish!” *laughs*.  She was able to express Maharu’s charming point well. If my kind of Miharu is “strong”, then I think Maiyan’s Miharu is “calm”. There are a lot of things that I can’t do, which includes the way Maharu expresses herself, I thought that I should have acted it like that, but I watched the film just after the stage play ended… I regret that I couldn’t make it *laughs*. So frustrating!
Shiraishi: Thanks. Maharu in the stage play was really strong, she was pretty cool. Our Maharu have plenty of similarities but when it comes to the stage play, she is exceptionally stronger, she was still able to express how feminine and cool is Maharu.
Or maybe actually I was only seeing Maharu when I came to watch the stage play *laughs*
Wakatsuki: Hihi *laughs*. I understand you!
Shiraishi: It’s just my gaze was being spontaneously pursuing Maharu since she is the role I’m playing! Don’t you think so?
– Have you felt that you are somewhat similar to Maharu?
Shiraishi: I think working hard and taking up challenges to achieve goals is our similarity. 
Wakatsuki: Now that you’ve said it, you’re indeed right. Well, I’m not good in English so I think we share the same characteristic there *laughs*.
Shiraishi: I’m also that type of person, that’s why I can relate *laughs*. I’m bad in English~
Wakatsuki: I was actually called for supplementary lessons before, I feel nostalgic *laughs* Unlike Maharu who continued holding Naginata when she was 7 years old, I haven’t experienced continuing something I did when I was a little, so I really admire her a lot for having such strong feelings.
Shiraishi: Maharu is that type of person who only speaks few words, but her every word holds very powerful meanings. I don’t have that kind of characteristic. I admit that she’s really cool. Also, she doesn’t tell anyone whenever she is troubled and I think we’re kind of similar in that part. I understand how hard it is to think about your worries all alone, that’s why when I see a kouhai troubled, I try approaching them.
Wakatsuki: Maiyan is really super kind, you know *laughs*. Kouhais are being saved.
Shiraishi: Stop it, it’s embarrassing *laughs*.
–  Do you have any characters you want to play besides Maharu in “Asahinagu”?
Shiraishi: Since the roles of other members suit them, I don’t have any confidence in acting other roles *laughs*.
Wakatsuki: Of course, Maharu is the one that I want the most, but I also want to try Ichidou Nene (Movie Version – Ikuta Erika). It’s not only because she is scary, but because she creates conflict that causes drama. And I think that kind of role is very worth doing.
–  Lastly, what kind of work is “Asahinagu” for both of you?
Wakatsuki: There are a lot of lines that helped me, or maybe it’s just that I can reflect on those lines during the production. When Maharu and the others went for Summer Training Camp to practice, which is very intense that you could die, under Jukei-san (Movie Version – Eguchi Noriko), she said “It’s easy to compliment someone using words, but you will forget those words within just three days. Those who have experienced enduring something without quitting will definitely become a pillar that supports their life.” I felt that that line calls for me.
Shiraishi: I also like the lines. The main character Asahi (Movie Version – Nishino Nanase) gets stronger little by little and Maharu is starting to change, I think that part is great. Having friends is so nice.
Wakatsuki: Yeah, I really understand that!
Shiraishi: When we were filming the movie, I was able to realize that each one of us was able to grow through the photographing session. As for Naginata, everyone started from zero, and in the last photographing session, we have improved so
much that we are in a level where could already compete in a match. I want people to see our growth in the theater *laughs*.
Wakatsuki: Me too, I also want to see them in the theater again once more.
Maiyan Special Message
I think the highlight of “Asahinagu” is the growth of the main character Asahi. At first, we can see that Asahi is still dependent, but in the end, we can see how amazing she had become. Looking at Asahi working hard as she makes everyone “gets involved” in a good way, I think that is the most appealing part of the story. My role, Miyaji Maharu who truly loves Naginata. At first glance, she looks like a perfect senpai, but she’s actually bad at studying. With that kind of gap, it’s not only about crying, there are also many parts where you will laugh in “Asahinagu”, so I’d like you to pay attention. Especially, scenes of Adviser Kobayashi-sensei (Nakamura Tomoya) where you would really burst into laughter, we even had many retakes just to fix the scenes. Kobayashi-sensei’s scenes were all ad lib though, we tried hard to hold back our laugh *laughs*. While
imagining that as you watch the movie, I wonder if you’ll enjoy it more. 
Active student readers of Ray, as well as those graduates already, this movie is for all of you to enjoy your youthful days. Please enjoy your youth to the fullest at the theater. 
 Translator: ikuuudon
Raw text provider: inchan
Check and revisions: inchan
Scanlation: unknown source