180610 Nogizaka Under Construction Highlights (Maiyan vs Toad)

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a Nogichuu hi-lite. Actually I was about to scrap this one because I was getting all distracted by an unstoppable fur ball biting machine and non-stop doing some errands here in my parents’ house. But since I’ve finished timing last time, I think it’s way too wasteful to scrap so here I present you yet another subbed (LQ) video of last night’s Nogichuu’s highlight.

It’s all about picking which one you think is better from two nightmare choices. It was kind of unexpected that they did one game for the whole episode. Also, it was a little confusing when Maaya started to solve the problem of the game so I’ll just skip that part.

The 1st game is,

“Which one you don’t want to put on your hands? A. Scorpion B. Toad”

For me, I definitely don’t want to put on a scorpion on my hands. Toad is waaaaay much easier for me to hold.

Speaking of a toad, this episode is actually reminiscing me of Nogidoko episode 100.

Toad from Nogidoko 100

Toad from last night’s Nogichuu.

They’re equally big, I think. Let’s see the different when Maiyan holds is.

Nogidoko’s one is bigger, isn’t it?

That’s not only the difference. In Nogidoko 100, Maiyan was all brave and did it promptly.

Comparing to last night Nogichuu, she was being all frightened by the toad either before holding and after holding.

But I found that cute so no complains =))

Is she about to go to another dimension?

I personally like this one the most. Her reactions never fail me to laugh and like her more.

I admire you because even though you’re in distress, you’re still being polite.

Well, then. Enjoy the video!


Maiyan x Wakatsuki Yumi “Asahinagu” Special Talk – Ray November 2017 Issue

Two people who played the same role as “Miyaji Maharu” in film and stage…
Maiyan x Wakatsuki Yumi “Asahinagu” Special Talk
“Asahinagu Collaboration”, which has become popular last month issue, the 2nd collaboration project is here! This time, to celebrate the release of the movie, Wakatsuki Yumi of Nogizaka46 who played the same role as “Miyaji Maharu” on the stage play, will be welcomed as a guest, and we will deliver their talk with Ray. What is “Asahinagu” for both of them? Maharu, who was played by those two, what could be her charm point? Such questions, their conversation were discussed thoroughly.  
“She, who only speaks few words, but her every word holds very powerful meanings! A feminine but has a cool aura; this is Maharu’s charm point.” – Shiraishi
“Maharu’s seriousness to Naginatais something that I admire.” – Wakatsuki
Strong and dignified Naginata, what does the two girls thought towards Maharu’s charm?
– First of all, how was your impression watching each other acting out as “Miyaji Maharu”?
Wakatsuki: As I watch the film where Maiyan’s scene appeared, I told myself, “So Maharu-ish!” *laughs*.  She was able to express Maharu’s charming point well. If my kind of Miharu is “strong”, then I think Maiyan’s Miharu is “calm”. There are a lot of things that I can’t do, which includes the way Maharu expresses herself, I thought that I should have acted it like that, but I watched the film just after the stage play ended… I regret that I couldn’t make it *laughs*. So frustrating!
Shiraishi: Thanks. Maharu in the stage play was really strong, she was pretty cool. Our Maharu have plenty of similarities but when it comes to the stage play, she is exceptionally stronger, she was still able to express how feminine and cool is Maharu.
Or maybe actually I was only seeing Maharu when I came to watch the stage play *laughs*
Wakatsuki: Hihi *laughs*. I understand you!
Shiraishi: It’s just my gaze was being spontaneously pursuing Maharu since she is the role I’m playing! Don’t you think so?
– Have you felt that you are somewhat similar to Maharu?
Shiraishi: I think working hard and taking up challenges to achieve goals is our similarity. 
Wakatsuki: Now that you’ve said it, you’re indeed right. Well, I’m not good in English so I think we share the same characteristic there *laughs*.
Shiraishi: I’m also that type of person, that’s why I can relate *laughs*. I’m bad in English~
Wakatsuki: I was actually called for supplementary lessons before, I feel nostalgic *laughs* Unlike Maharu who continued holding Naginata when she was 7 years old, I haven’t experienced continuing something I did when I was a little, so I really admire her a lot for having such strong feelings.
Shiraishi: Maharu is that type of person who only speaks few words, but her every word holds very powerful meanings. I don’t have that kind of characteristic. I admit that she’s really cool. Also, she doesn’t tell anyone whenever she is troubled and I think we’re kind of similar in that part. I understand how hard it is to think about your worries all alone, that’s why when I see a kouhai troubled, I try approaching them.
Wakatsuki: Maiyan is really super kind, you know *laughs*. Kouhais are being saved.
Shiraishi: Stop it, it’s embarrassing *laughs*.
–  Do you have any characters you want to play besides Maharu in “Asahinagu”?
Shiraishi: Since the roles of other members suit them, I don’t have any confidence in acting other roles *laughs*.
Wakatsuki: Of course, Maharu is the one that I want the most, but I also want to try Ichidou Nene (Movie Version – Ikuta Erika). It’s not only because she is scary, but because she creates conflict that causes drama. And I think that kind of role is very worth doing.
–  Lastly, what kind of work is “Asahinagu” for both of you?
Wakatsuki: There are a lot of lines that helped me, or maybe it’s just that I can reflect on those lines during the production. When Maharu and the others went for Summer Training Camp to practice, which is very intense that you could die, under Jukei-san (Movie Version – Eguchi Noriko), she said “It’s easy to compliment someone using words, but you will forget those words within just three days. Those who have experienced enduring something without quitting will definitely become a pillar that supports their life.” I felt that that line calls for me.
Shiraishi: I also like the lines. The main character Asahi (Movie Version – Nishino Nanase) gets stronger little by little and Maharu is starting to change, I think that part is great. Having friends is so nice.
Wakatsuki: Yeah, I really understand that!
Shiraishi: When we were filming the movie, I was able to realize that each one of us was able to grow through the photographing session. As for Naginata, everyone started from zero, and in the last photographing session, we have improved so
much that we are in a level where could already compete in a match. I want people to see our growth in the theater *laughs*.
Wakatsuki: Me too, I also want to see them in the theater again once more.
Maiyan Special Message
I think the highlight of “Asahinagu” is the growth of the main character Asahi. At first, we can see that Asahi is still dependent, but in the end, we can see how amazing she had become. Looking at Asahi working hard as she makes everyone “gets involved” in a good way, I think that is the most appealing part of the story. My role, Miyaji Maharu who truly loves Naginata. At first glance, she looks like a perfect senpai, but she’s actually bad at studying. With that kind of gap, it’s not only about crying, there are also many parts where you will laugh in “Asahinagu”, so I’d like you to pay attention. Especially, scenes of Adviser Kobayashi-sensei (Nakamura Tomoya) where you would really burst into laughter, we even had many retakes just to fix the scenes. Kobayashi-sensei’s scenes were all ad lib though, we tried hard to hold back our laugh *laughs*. While
imagining that as you watch the movie, I wonder if you’ll enjoy it more. 
Active student readers of Ray, as well as those graduates already, this movie is for all of you to enjoy your youthful days. Please enjoy your youth to the fullest at the theater. 
 Translator: ikuuudon
Raw text provider: inchan
Check and revisions: inchan
Scanlation: unknown source

Nogizaka46’s Meiji Essel Supercup Sweet’s Channel (1) [ENG Sub]

[Original Post from Previous Blog]

Good mornight!

Admin Ikuchan here.

First of all, I would like to apologize that because of me (again) the next scheduled release of subbed Nogidoko eps. 72 is delayed (again) m(_ _)m

In the meantime, here I present you a video of Nogizaka’s new Meiji CM.

Maiyan, Ikuchan, Sayurin, and Miona are in this video. You know why I only subbed this one. YES! OTP is together in this video!
Please don’t ask me to sub the other one where Naachan, Manatsu, Reika, and Kazumin are in. Unless you’ll pay me then I will 😛 lol kidding. I’m sure someone out there will do soon.

Actually I’m posting this without asking admin Sayuringo first. But I’m sure he would allow me anyway ww.

So, here it is.

Download link

Hardsub 720p
Ads to skip: 3

You can’t watch the video on Dailymotion. I set it as private video. If you have the direct link to watch it on Dailymotion, please, please, please! keep it to yourself and DON’T SHARE THE LINK! Thank you.







Shiraishi Mai’s 2017 Seitansai Project (Dating & Lovey-Dovey)

I started wrinting this at 8:41 PM (GMT+7)… I’m not sure if I can make it before 10 PM… But let me give it a try.

Here, in my country, Saturday night is well-known as a night where couple goes out for hanging. Don’t ask me why I’m staying at home and writing this. This is my happiness. Nuff’ said. lol

It’s just a few hours before the day changes in Japan. So I’ll try to write it quick.

130413 1,100 yen(o^_^o)


Lately, I promised something with Ikuchan.


That promise is…





to take a photo together in a photo booth. …what?





Can you imagine…Ikuchan’s taking photos in a photo booth? lol



In my image, Ikuchan will play piano, study, and then play the piano again in her days offヽ(´o`;



But she said that she took some photos in photo booth few times so we promised to take one together!

And we will also go for shopping!




Hmmm, Mrs. Prezdirector, I’m really looking forward to this~!




Today, she was beside me and suddenly doing a voice percussion. A usual lively Ikuchan♡lol

An exclusive model and the president director will go for a date. lol

131017 Flickering Lamp(o^_^o)




Finally, I took a photo with Ikuchan in a photo booth!!!




We promised for some time ago, but our timings wouldn’t match each other… Few days ago, we’ve got a break time and used it to go to a photo booth. Although it was raining but we went there♡




Our high spirits were above normal.
It was way too ridiculous so we won’t show the photos lol



Ikuchan, I mean, Boss, let’s go for a dinner next time o(^▽^)o



Why you two so stingy!! We wanted to see the photo you two took!! My eyesight will goes bad if I try too much zooming to see the picture =__=


150401 Core(o^_^o)


Today, after I finished my work… I finally went together with Ikuchan…to see Takara…



I’ll write the details next time!


150413 ♪♪♪(o^_^o)


I’m sure you all already knew if you read Ikuchan’s blog.


Finally! The long waited!
For the first time, we went to watch Takarazuka~~~!!




It was gorgeous, cool, and beautiful…
I was absorbed to the world of Takarazuka for a moment!


I can’t put into the words how fascinating it was!



I hope I can go to watch it again next time o(^_^)o




Ikuchan, thank you!!


The promised date from the day when Ikuchan gave the pair ticket of Takarazuka as valentine gift to Maiyan.  One of the best episode of NogiDoko ❤

151215 Happiness(o^_^o)

And then, Ikuchan did this to me…





A kabedon



She did it.



Erika’s style of kabedon.





Ahh, I love it. I’m in bliss♡



If my memory serves me well, in this blog post, Maiyan was also doing a lovey-dovey thing with Sayurin. Geez, what a player lol

By the way, I have an idea for a Karaage Sisters x Maiyan FF. The idea was inspired by a story in a Nogikoi 2017 New Year event. The plan to write it down? I don’t know. I disappointed so many readers already. I don’t want to redo same mistakes. So…please give me some time to think m(_ _)m

160802 Oshi(o^_^o)

They’re also posted on Ikuchan’s blog, here are some photos of us doing a model-like poses.


Lately, when we’re together, we do this pose naturally. lol


It’s so fun being with kanojo ♡



I’m not sure if it you get it or not…



Few days ago in a live broadcast of Shibuya no Oto, the scene where I leaned my head on Ikuta-san’s shoulder and she patted my head got broadcasted.

We were panicked… lol



Ikuchan always spoils me.



I’m so happy for that and we always being playful each other.


The opposite version ♡




Today is Ikuta Specialヽ(*´з`*)ノ


I was a little hesitated in translating the word じゃれあう (jareau). It’s from じゃれる (jareru) which has these meanings.


And I guess I don’t have to explain again why I didn’t translate the word kanojo. lol

I’ve got some information from a Japanese forum regarding this topic. But I can’t find the scanlation and the exact source. I’ll translate it nevertheless. Here we go.

From FLASH interview

Reporter: How do you feel being called a ‘Goddess’ by so many people?
Maiyan: Indeed fans are calling me like that. But a ‘Goddess’ to me is always be Ikuchan (Ikuta Erika). She is like an adorable little sister to me. And I like her since then!

Wow!! I really want to read the actual article!

To me, and some IkuMai shippers out ther, Maiyan is the Goddess and Ikuchan is the Angel. A perfect match for me to worship. lol


Okay, I couldn’t make it. Let me do this first…


Please stay in Nogizaka for a little while until I can see you in person :*


Okay, back to the topic.

Next one is an interview from a certain magazine. I don’t know which one though…

―You two have different ages but are first generation in the group. Also, Shiraishi-san’s oshimen is Ikuta-san. First of all, can you tell us you two’s relation?

Maiyan: Ikuchan is like a cute little sister to me. We usually play together.

Ikuchan: Maiyan is like an elder sister but she is more than that to me. That’s why I don’t have to worry for being all clingy to her.

Maiyan: Being clingy is one of cute sides of you!  You have an open attitude, and our wavelengths are matched. Just for being together, it’s a pure fun to me.



I want to go to sleep now and dream of them…

Next, from Maiyan’s 755. (screenshots will be added later)

Fan: Thanks for your hard work ❤ Please send a 2shot of Maiyan and Ikuchan
Maiyan: ❤


I like the way Maiyan replied fan’s message with just a heart icon. So many meanings behind it ❤

Another one,

Fan: Maiyan, I see that you’re really close with Ikuchan lately
Maiyan: Not lately, but since the beginning


There was a fan asked her what’s the highlight for Ray’s Feb, 2015 issue is, Maiyan answered; “It has Ikuchan in it!”

And it seemed that Maiyan joined 755 earlier than Ikuchan. When Maiyan knew that Ikuchan joined too, she said in her 755 like this

Maiyan: MY IKUCHAN!!

lol!! What a possessive nee-san you’re Maiyan =))

With that being said, she immediately follow Ikuchan’s 755.


Well, so far, that’s all I could present to you. I still have about 2 more topics for this project. I’ll post it soon.



Shiraishi Mai’s 2017 Seitansai Project (Absurdity)

It reminds me of what Himetan said to Ikuchan in ANN 2 weeks ago;

Himetan: This woman is absurd!

It wasn’t a literal translation. But I thought ‘absurd’ is the nearest word to ‘yabai‘ in that context.

And Maiyan is one of members who complies Ikuchan absurdities. Besides, Maiyan also has similar quirks after all.

Ah… What a beautiful scenery…

In Nogibingo!4’s Nogiroom episode 1, Maiyan talked about a behind the scene story of Oto ga Denai Guitar MV filming.

Before the filming started, Ikuchan wanted to fill in Maiyan’s eyebrow for one side. Since they still had some time to spare, Maiyan let her do it. But the result was disappointing =)) Well, what were you hoping from a kid with weird art senses?

Let’s move to Maiyan’s blog posts while I’m trying to remember more absurd moments of (believe it or not, I was about to write AtsuMina ; ___; ) IkuMai

120228 My Fair Skin is My Charming Point(o^_^o)

We were having lesson!


Two counterfeits are mingled!

Sayuringo as Minami and Naachan as Ikuchan! lol

This photo I took is inspired by the photo in Ikuchan’s blog post.

いくちゃん、ごめんね( ; ; )
I’m sorry, Ikuchan( ; ; )

I don’t know which one. Never ending digging Ikuchan blog posts since last year orz

120325 Nagoya Individual—(o^_^o)

When we are done with the handshake event, I took a photo with my lovely oshimen; Ikuchan in a weird faces.


Haste makes waste orz

Well, put that aside. I like the way Maiyan shows her proud of having Ikuchan as oshimen ❤

120522 Please be Sunny Tomorrow(o^_^o)

それと昨日、いくちゃんに七千円貸す夢を見ました(@ ̄ρ ̄@)
I saw a dream where Ikuchan asked me to lend 7,000 yen(@ ̄ρ ̄@)

She said, “I’ll take a cab so lend me some money!”. At first, I gave her 5,000 yen but then she said “Not enough” so I gave her 2,000 yen in addition.

But she said “Not enough” again. I added more 2,000 yen and finally she said “Okay~” and then went away using a cab…What an indescribable dream (lol)

E-Erika-samaaaaaaa! *cries*

Ikuchan is absurd even in Maiyan’s dream LOL

Next two blog posts are a sequel. Here we go.

120719 “I’ll be always Watching Over You”(o^_^o)by ???

The title of this blog is the words being told to me by a member yesterday.



Yesterday, when we were done in an interview, I was about to change my clothes. ??? (certain member) came in and said “Maiyan, are you going to change? Then let me accompany you here!”


That’s what she said after entering the changing room. I thought, “Geez, you’re so cute~” and then turn my back against her to change my cloths. But suddenly, she said


“…I’ll be always watching over you~*smiles”


I was shocked!!!


顔がマジだったのでちょっと怖かったけど、着替え終わるまでずっと見守っててくれました♪( ´▽`)笑
Her face was serious that made me a little scared but she really watched over me until I finished changing♪( ´▽`) lol


Now, here’s the question for everyone!

Who was the one said “I’ll be always watching over you”?


1.いくちゃん 2.さゆりん
1. Ikuchan       2. Sayurin
3.生駒ちゃん 4.ゆったん
3. Ikoma-chan    4. Yuttan


I’ll reveal the answer in my next post(^○^)

I guess you already know the answer. Since I’m focusing this post to IkuMai, I guess it’s obvious lol

120720 Revenge(o^_^o)

And then!
Everyone’s long waited answer(o^^o)←


Here goes the answer♪


Most of you answered Yuttan, but you all wrong!


The right one is the one who did pride pose together with me…



The right answer is Ikuchan(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


It seems those who answered Ikuchan are the least.
Congrats to those who got the right answer! Bravo!


普段こんなこと言わないいくちゃんだから、私の「まったく可愛いな〜」がヒントになってました♪( ´▽`)
It’s unusual of Ikuchan for saying such things. That’s why my “Geez, you’re so cute~” was a hint♪( ´▽`)


After finished changing, out of the blue, she asked “can I have that?” while pointing at a make-up pouch I’ve been using…she really is cute, right?♡


That’s the story of me being watched over (no, actually being watched all over) while changing(^_-)


The end♪


Oh,no… It’s getting late. My delusion escalates…

120705 Positive?(o^_^o)


With my dear Erika-sama♡


It became our favorite lately; a ‘pride’ pose


A proper pronunciation is important


Everyone, follow our lead!



“My dear Erika-sama”

Yes, you can have her, Maiyan. But promise me to be always with her all time!

120608 Broadcast Tonight(o^_^o)

By the way, this stuffed bear…

Let’s put aside whether it’s cute or not. When we were boarding a plane to go to Tokushima, Ikuchan gave a name to this bear♪

What do you think the name is?


“Monsieur Harry”


Wow (lol)

It has England flag on its chest but Monsieur.
So this bear is from France♪


Sorry to keep bringing Ikuchan in my post.
It can’t be helped, we are so close after all♡


I have a lot of Namata-shachou (President Director) stories so I will write another one soon!


Did someone already work on subbing AKB48 no Watashitachi no Monogatari – Nogizaka46 special ? If not, let me put it on my project list.

121017 Whity(o^_^o)

わんばんこ(。 ・ω・)ノ
Gdoo Evneign(。 ・ω・)ノ


Sudden quiz!


Can you guess who these four are?

The one on the top is having a stiff body!


Try to guess(●`・ω・´●)

The answer is written on her next blog post

121020 Love(o^_^o)

Now, now!
Regarding the answer of my quiz, only a few who can guessed rightヽ(;▽;)ノ

Was it difficult?

Bravo  to those who guessed right! Perfect!!

I’ll give you 100 points as present(〃▽〃)what?

Oh, I could hear you demanding for the right answer. Okay, here we go!

From the top to bottom; Sayuringo, Me, Ikuchan, and Minami(●`ー´●)

It’s obvious that people answered Sayurin correctly (lol)
As expected from you all!

いくちゃんをかずみん、みなみをなーちゃんって答えた人が多かったわい( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Many people mistaken Ikuchan as Kazumin and Minami as Naachan( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Stand up!

We are not doing ‘Amazing’ pose

We are photosynthesizing with the light from above.


You two are AMAZING to me ❤

121120 Sparkling(o^_^o)

Whoosh, whoosh!



I was doing a weird move with Ikuchan. When we took a photo, it became blurry lol

We are always like this whenever we play together(〃▽〃)it’s so fuu~n!


121102 “Mommy will protect you”(o^_^o)

The title is the words that being told to me by Ikuchan σ(・・*)
Right after seeing my no-make-up face, she said to me “I like your no-make-up face~ Let mommy protect you~”

Ikuchan acted like a mother and said that to me. lol
…I’ll accept her kind offer and be protected then(〃▽〃)

They are changing roles lol


I’m done with the blog posts translation. And to this point, I couldn’t think of ant other trivia regarding this topic. I’m beaten by my fatigue… o<-<