Ikuta Erika’s Interview in Shiraishi Mai’s Memorial Magazine (+some extras)

Ikuchan’s interview “Talk About Her”

Partial translation of SayuMai interview where they mentioned Ikuchan

―A strong jealousy and desire to monopolize?! A complicated relationship of “SayuMai”

Q: We heard that both of you are the best couple in Nogizaka46 since you two have an intimate relationship.
Mai: We get a lot from fans who said, “I love you two together!” and before we know it, people are calling us “SayuMai”.
Sayu: They also call us “Baka Couple”
Mai: Oh, right (lol)
Sayu: But there is one difficult problem. You know…
Mai: What is it?
Sayu: You’ve become popular everywhere.
Mai: Hahaha, stop it!
Sayu: Same gen members and juniors, everyone loves Maiyan. And Maiyan is a type a person who will love back those people who give their love to her.
Mai: Yeah, because I genuinely happy for them to interact with me that way.
Sayu: See? That’s why it’s a difficult problem for me.
Mai: Why?
Sayu: Because I cannot monopolize you.
Mai: Hahahaha!
Sayu: Umechan is interacting with you intensely lately.
Mai: Since I announced my graduation, Umechan felt that she can’t be with me for a long time. That’s why she frequently comes at me to talk.
Sayu: She was all considerate and didn’t approach you when we were together before!
Mai: Was she?
Sayu: Yes! But lately she secretly approaches you behind my back and even takes a photo together. I was like, “Oh, they’re together again?!” a lot lately. And when I wasn’t on guard, Momoko also approached you intensly!
Mai: Your jealousy is something else (lol)

Q: There is also IkuMai; Ikuta Erika-san and Shiraishi-san’s ship.
Sayu: Oh, yeah. To me, only IkuMai is different. Other members’ love towards Maiyan are strong but Maiyan’s love towards Ikuchan is even stronger. And I think that’s kind of unfair!
Mai: So you think you can’t win against Ikuchan?
Sayu: But I can’t feel any jealousy whenever I see “IkuMai” interactions and it’s rather precious to me. That’s why I think their bond is amazing so I’m allowing it.
Mai: She’s allowing it (lol)
Sayu: I love IkuMai♡

Message from Ikuchan to Maiyan

Q: A memorable episode with Shiraishi-san.
Erika: She has been always saying that I am her oshimen since early days and I am so happy to know that. She will always be an oneesan whom I’m looking up to, but after 9 years, even though we have an age gap, but as members from same gen, I think our bonds and affections are getting deeper.
About a year ago, when I couldn’t do promotions in the group with her, she said, “I don’t like it when you’re not around” to me and it was leaving a huge impression in me. I’m glad to know that she needed me and I was wrapped with a strange feeling that I’d do my best whatever it takes for her sake… Somehow my heart is throbbing… Is this…love?

Q: Your first impression when meeting Shiraishi-san for the first time.
Erika: Since the audition I looked at her and thought that she is a goddess but the first time we talked to each other was in a waiting room for a meeting after passed the audition and before debut. I was so nervous because I didn’t know how to interact with a goddess and I didn’t have any nickname that time. But she said, “Can I call you Erika?” to me and I was so happy. When we parted, she said “Bye-bye, Erika♡” with her smile and I will never forget that for the rest of my life. I involuntarily added the ♡ part because that’s popped in my mind when she said that. She is very sociable so I’m feeling safe with her and I admire and love her at the same time.

Q: How do you describe Shiraishi-san in a word?
Erika: She is born to be and already a star. Not only outside, she is also beautiful inside. Thanks to her for being a down-to-earth front-liner that Nogizaka has become a considerate group.

Q: I love these parts of Shiraishi-san
Erika: ・Her cuteness and beauty’s coexistence, ・Her senses from head to toe, even her belongings, are extraordinaire, ・She will play along to any kind of trivial things like peel off eyelids, breathing relays, and some random humming, ・She’s slim but she eats a lot joyfully, ・Her hair buns looks so precious lately, even though I was in a middle of a schedule I kept murmuring “Cute… So cute…” when I saw her,・Kind, ・Her way of taking communication is cheerful and polite.

Q: Message to Shiraishi-san
Erika: Thank you for leading Nogizaka46 this far. I respect her for always being sincere and have sense of responsibilities with the works given to her. I also admire her for being a kind and reliable oneesan to me. Her laughs and being all clingy to me are so lovely. We’ve been together for 9 years and I like every sides of her even deeper. I’m glad we met… It’s my happiness to be able to witness her shining in Nogizaka46 right beside her… The memories of joys and sorrows we’ve been through will forever be my treasure. Mai-chan, I LOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!

Message from Maiyan to Ikuchan

To: Ikuta Erika
Since the first time we met until now, she has always been my oshimen! She’s so multi-talented and she has so many things that I don’t, that’s why I respect her. Her performance in the musical is surpassing the rest and glowing. You can’t take your eyes off of Ikuchan as an expressive idol. She is a hard worker and diligent but also a natural airhead and it’s one of her charms. She also has a shoot through variety show skills that can make the show amusing. I love everything about Ikuchan. Even after graduation, my oshimen is forever Ikuchan!

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[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Part 5)

Q81. In what time you’re getting hyped?
A. In a live concert upon hearing “Girls’ Rule” fan chants. I can’t help but getting all hyped there. As for when in private, I’m getting high in a karaoke with helps of alcoholic drinks.

Q82.Which song that gives you energy whenever you’re commuting?
A. Ne-Yo – So Sick

Q83. Do you usually wake up early or you’re a type who wants to sleep until last minute before going work?
A. I cannot wake up early… But yes I want to sleep more to some extent!

Q84. Thing(s) you have bought online recently.
A. Softener and toilet paper. I bought some daily necessities online.

Q85. XX is a woman’s lifeline! What do you think it is?
A. Hair it is. I look up to woman with pretty hair.

Q86. Beauty care you don’t miss to do everyday.
A. Hmm…I think lymph massage I guess.

Q87. Do you buy your casual clothes online or offline by yourself?
A. I want to try them first so I go directly to the shops.

Q88. How long you spend your bath time?
A. Around 20 to 30 minutes.

Q89. Your recent mistake.
A. I forgot my wallet so I had to borrow some money to Takayama (lol).

Q90. Color of your bed sheet.
A. A calming color between grey and purple. White for pillows’ sheet.

Q91. Tableware you use most of times.
A. A certain weired shaped white-western style tableware.

Q92. Thing you eat everyday after hearing that it is good for beauty care.
A. Tomatoes. I overcame my hatred of it since I was 20. I’m eating it everyday.

Q93. Lip color you are using continuously.
A. Pinkish red. I like color that has natural feel and cleanness.

Q94. What did you buy yesterday?!
A. Yoghurt.

Q95. One wish you want it to be granted.
A. Please make it 30 hours for a day.

Q96. A gap of yours that makes people around you is surprised.
A. “You are unexpectedly eating a lot.” I’m used to have big bites and the amount of food is also huge.

Q97. In a divination, which animal that represent you?
A. A good-in-taking-care-of-others black panther.

Q98. Topic that can hype up Nogizaka48’s dressing room.
A. To talk about Okazaki Taiiku. I’m usually spending time to talk about and getting hype about it along with Matsumura and Shinuchi a lot.

Q99. Was there any surprising thing when you became Ray’s exclusive model?
A. Unexpectedly, there were so many snacks in shooting spots! I love gummies and crackers.

Q100. Lastly…what do you think of these 100 questions?
A. It’s finally over~! It feels refreshing and I felt like achieved something!


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[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Part 4)

Q61. You have to go work today. How long it will take for you until you’ll get out get out of your house?
A. 40 minutes! I’ll make it quick as soon as possible.

Q62. Part time work that you wanted or still want to try.
A. Fast food or ice cream parlor staff. To this day, I still want to try to mix a conned ice cream!

Q63. Please show us your drawing! Please draw a teddy bear!
A. Huh? But I’m sure it won’t be funny (staff might be expecting that her drawing skill is awful just like you-know-who wwww). Because I’m actually good in drawing. See? What do you think about it?

Q64. Thing(s) you want to try or challenge yourself into lately.
A. I want to take a driver license.

Q65. What do you put on sunny-side-up fried eggs?
A. Soy sauce. I like the egg-yolk part half-cooked.

Q66. What’s your special dish?
A. Any kind of stew! I also make pork stew.

Q67. What do you do every day to maintain your beauty?
A. Lymphatic massage. I do it as I also put on some moisturizer or milk cream.

Q68. What comes to your mind if you are asked about something that you can’t live without?
A. Contact lenses.

Q69. Thing(s) you want to start to do this year.
A. I want to have some abs so I’m in thinking to work out.

Q70. Chores you hate the most.
A. Washing dishes. I’m also not good in tidying up my room. But laundry is my specialty (lol)

Q71. Are you a sporty type?
A. I think I am. I’m good with any ball games except basketball. I can play softball, table tennis, and badminton.

Q72. Dog person or cat person?
A. DOG PERSON! But once I wished to have a shoot with a cat and it has been granted today.

Q73. Your favorite season?
A. Season between summer and fall. When I was a kid, I really hated summer because it’s too hot (yet I was born in summer…). But then I had several chances of summer shootings around beach. Thanks to that now I think that the heat is also enjoyable thing in summer. Also, I like no sleeves clothes for summer.

Q74. Your type of room interior.
A. My goal is to have a room with indirect lights or LED candle lights so I’ll feel calm when I get back home. I also like paintings; I’m hanging some of them in my room.

Q75. Bad habit you want to fix.
A. Being obvious with my emotions that clearly showed on my face.

Q76. How does your family address you?

Q77. Is your body flexible or stiff?
A. I think it’s generally stiff. Only my hip joints are flexible.

Q78. How about your eyesight? Good or bad?
A. Quite bad.

Q79. You can’t let go of your phone even for a few minutes or you can survive without it?
A. I think I can’t let go of it…

Q80. Do you have something to brag about to everyone lately?
A. I took a photo with Sheena Ringo-san at kouhaku.


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[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Part 3)

Q41. Your weak point.
A. It’s hard for me to have a quality sleep if I’m not sleeping on my home’s bed.

Q42. What are you doing during days off?
A. Sleeeeping (lol)

Q43. Thing that made you enraged lately.
A. I don’t remember there was any.

Q44. How do you cope up when you face a hardship?
A. I’ll seek advices from people around me and do what I can do. Rather than running away, I will try to face it.

Q45. Are you a type of person who thinks of what to wear in the morning or a day before?
A. It’s not like I can always do this, but I want to decide my dress code a day before. I start to think for my tops first a lot.

Q46. Maiyan’s charm point(s) is/are?
A. I get complimented a lot for my fair skin, my beauty spot, and my eyes.

Q47. Frankly speaking, are you a masochist (M) or a sadist (S)?
A. Basically I’m an M but I’m an S to Akimoto Manatsu.

Q48. If you were an animal, what would you be?
A. Rabbit.

Q49. Please tell us one secret of yours that hasn’t been known by anyone!
A. When wearing socks or leggings, I start with my left foot first.

Q50. What should we do to overcome nervousness?
A. I’m also a type who gets nervous easily especially when I’m in an unfamiliar place. I’ll try to consider every rehearsal is the real performance or vice versa to control my feelings.

Q51. If you were given a day to be someone else, who would you be?
A. I want to be a boy. Like having thin and attractive body with six-pack abs and doing some poses in front of the mirror.

Q52. What is your best mimicry?
A. Voice mimicry. I even got our member; Takayama’s official recognition for doing her voice mimicry. I also do some voice mimicry of Laura and/or Nakama Yukie-san officially.

Q53. How do you release your stress?
A. By eating sushi. I went to a sushi-go-round restaurant with our manager few days ago.

Q54. What if earth will be doomed tomorrow?
A. I could care less about that and just do what usually I do.

Q55. You’ll be given 2 days off starting tomorrow! What do you want to do?
A. I want to go to some neighbor countries like Taiwan or Thailand!

Q56. What kind of your ideal boyfriend?
A. A smart and funny one.

Q57. What would you be if you weren’t choosing a path to be an idol?
A. I wanted to be a childcare professional because I took nursery as my major in high school.

Q58. In what kind of activity that calms or relaxes you?
A. When I’m doing laundry. When the washing machine starts to operate and when the water is flowing inside it. Staring at those really calms me.

Q59. What will you order for a tea in a café?
A. Iced Chai Tea. I like sweet drinks.

Q60. Is there any trick for us to make you happy again when you feel down?
A. It’s easy. Just lure me with tasty snacks or foods.

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