Ikuta Erika’s Blog English Translation (2018.03.06)

Translated by Dorimaasan

Reunion~♪ 526

Good evening

Two days ago, I went to Kinami Saya-chan’s house together with my friends Kon-chan and Rin-chan, who were also starring in LesMis~

We were greeted by these well-decorated lovely meals as soon as we arrived there ☆

blog1 (16).jpg

Saya-chan and Kon-chan’s homemade Hinamatsuri Gozen!

blog2 (15).jpg

I want to be like them…

We celebrated Rin-chan’s and my birthday (o ^^ o)

blog3 (14).jpg

We have matching Thai pants as our souvenirs

blog4 (8).jpg

We were in high spirits lol

blog5 (6).jpg

I had so much fun!
I also ate a lot
Because I talked too much, the amount of tea I consumed was terrible lol

I really love them~ ♡
Thank you for the wonderful time!

I’m so happy to be able to have this reunion even the show had already over.

It’s either getting warm or cold here recently.
I’m confused…

Please take good care of yourself, everyone~~

Erika (。・∀・。)☆彡

Ikuta Erika’s Blog English Translation (2018.02.20)

Checked & revised by Inchan

Great Comet~♪ 525


Good evening


I’ve been using Theater Live 4u recently!


Bullets Over Broadway

Mata Hari

Poe no Ichizoku

And many more


And also the movie Greatest Showman


I felt a lot of excitement

I laughed, I cried, and I even felt empathy

Just by watching, you can already consume calories.


Input Output

Both are important!


There was an announcement today.


On January 2019

I will take the role of Natasha in“Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812″ musical!


Inoue Yoshio-san will play the role of Pierre.

I once mentioned at radio that someday I hope we will be able to stand on the same stage

But to think that this will happen in just a short time…

I am really happy!


When I was watching Tony Award on TV last year

The audience’s seats are on the stage and it had an impact to me

It was very  memorable.

I wonder how it will be in Japan.


Konishi Ryousei-san, Hiromu Kiriya-san has also been announced as casts today

And those who haven’t been announced yet

I’m looking forward to the production of Japan’s premiere of Great Comet


Everyone, please look forward to it ♪



These pictures aren’t really related but

This was from our recent Hong Kong live’s dressing room.


2/25 18:30~

I will appear in Bananaman-san no Sekkaku Gourmet!

We three got really lively♪

I was told to only taste but I ate like I’m used to everyday. lol

It had fun so much~~ Such a great program~~


Shitara-san has finally recovered from influenza and it was his first recording.

Since influenza is starting to spread even more, please take care of yourselves everyone >_<


I will appear two weeks later so stay tuned



Erika (。・∀・。)☆彡

[NEWS] Ikuta Erika will Appear in “Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet 1812” Musical

It has been announced in Nogizaka46 official site that she will take part in “Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet 1812” musical. She also stated in her blog that she will play role as Natasha.

This musical is a sung-through musical adaptation of a 70-page segment from Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace written by composer/lyricist Dave Malloy and directed by Rachel Chavkin. The musical received positive reviews, particularly for Phillipa Soo, Denée Benton, and Josh Groban’s leading performances, as well as for the production’s score, direction, and scenic design. The show was nominated for 12 awards—the highest number of nominations in the 2016–2017 season—for the 2017 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Original Score, Best Book of a Musical, Best Actress in a Musical for Benton, Best Actor in a Musical for Groban, Best Featured Actor in a Musical for Lucas Steele, and Best Direction of a Musical for Chavkin. It won two awards: Best Scenic Design for Mimi Lien and Best Lighting Design in a Musical for Bradley King (lighting designer). (Wikipedia)

The musical will be a premiere in Japan and will start to show on January, 2019.

“Mozart” is about to get produced and will be shown soon, and now this. It is another amazing opportunity for her to have a leading role in such a well-known musical.

January to March 2017 ― Romeo & Juliette
May to October 2017 ― Les Miserables
May to August 2018 ― Mozart! (Upcoming)
January to unknown 2019 ― Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet 1812 (Upcoming)

Ikuchan’s blog

She mentioned that she watched “The Greatest Showman” lately. I hope she will take part if the Japanese musical for The Greatest Showman is decided.

Ikuta Erika’s Blog English Translation (2018.02.16)

Production Announcement~♪ 524

Good evening

Mozart’s production has been announced yesterday!

5 people with the role of Wolfgang and Constanze ♪

I was nervous of course,
But Senpai Ikusaburou-san and Aya-san gave me their warm encouragement and cheered me up.
And also, Romijuri’s Furukawa-san and Haruka-san presence puts me at ease.

Rehearsals will be coming soon.
There are so many things I haven’t come to understand yet,
But as I communicate with everyone
I’ll give my best so that we can make this stage play the best!

For me, this is really a big challenge.
Role of Constanze which only I can do
And to discover a new side of me
I’ll accept this challenge with all my strength!

It seems that the production has been renewed a little.
So please look forward to it


I thought of an outfit with black and white color so that it would fit with Constanze’s outfit
I’m wearing this to look like matured.


A weird posture with my whole body

Erika (。・∀・。)☆彡

Nogizaka46 no 『No』 #151 – Nogizaka46 4th Anniversary 46hour TV ~Princess Senbatsu~ [ENG sub]

[Original Post from Previous Blog]

Inchan is here!
I’m back with another subbed video. This time, a live broadcast of Nogizaka no “No” radio episode 151. It’s a cut from 4th anniversary 46hour TV.
It’s been a while since the last time I did all subbing activity by myself for an over 20 minutes long of a show! I apologize in advance if there is so many grammar error or typo. I was subbing this after having overtime in my full time work everyday. So, yeah. Brain wasn’t functioning well.
I’ve been googling if this show is already subbed or not. No result. So I take the chance.
Or it’s actually has been done but I couldn’t find it? :\
Nevertheless, I’ll post it. Sure, you can compare my work with the others. And I’ll be delighted if you give me feedback about my translations.
The reason why I chose this show? Keep scrolling so you’ll know why 😉

Well, I think it’s obvious :3Enjoy the show! (The streaming video is at the end of this post)

The video quality is not as good as the original 46 hours one. It went through so many times of conversion. Sorry about this.

You can’t watch the video on Dailymotion. I set it as private video. If you have the direct link to watch it on Dailymotion, please, please, please! keep it to yourself and DON’T SHARE THE LINK! Thank you.

Timing, encoding, translation by Inchan


白生生星 (shiraikuihoshi) ❤



Shakiizm all the way! ❤



And yass! OTP <333333
So many IkuMai moments here <33333









Okay, the last.


Whoops, wrong screenshots ww


Hardsub video 720p

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