[SUB] 180419 Monitoring (Ikuta Erika & Shiraishi Mai)


A total loyalty to my current OTP.

This time, Ikuchan and Maiyan were tricked by ‘Monitoring’ staff with the title: “What if a sudden unnatural phenomenon occurred?”.

They were startled so many times by so many tricks. It’s so cute to see them startled when they heard a little girl saying “Hey…”

This rock salt tho…

And the most important thing to me is…when they’re like this…

*grins widely*

I will upload the hardsub 720p version tomorrow/saturday. For now, please enjoy the 480p from Dailymotion.

Translator Note:

Carnivore (肉食 Nikushoku)
It has double meanings in this context. Literally it means carnivore. And yes, the context here was about Nogi’s members who like to eat meats. But it also has other meaning. Japanese people often use this phrase to point out people who are aggressive in terms of romance. The antonym for this term is Herbivore (草食 sousoku) that means passive in terms of romance.

DDL link (720p Hardsub)

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I beg your cooperation not to share the direct link from GoogleDrive. Thank you in advance.


180414 IkuMai in Nogisatsu Video on Twitter

Thanks to this video that made me forgot that I’m currently in a hunger state. I haven’t eaten anything yet since last night. That’s my hunger for food. But somehow I’m full because my huger for IkuMai is satisfied by this. Lol.

Looks like it was just both of them in that room.

So close…

And Maiyan’s pervy side…

is running wild again for a moment.

Well, yeah. I’ll let my delusion to depict what happened to both of them after the video ended.

This subbed video is requested by @CTey92 on Twitter


There are some more short videos that uploaded to Nogisatsu official twitter so I compiled them into another one.

Ikuchan touchy~


So romantic. They complete each other ❤

Leave it to Mai-neesan

Ikuchan is hugging Maiyan here and they keep saying “I love you” to each other.
I’m having my day today…

So blissful…


I think I have a mistranslation where Ikuchan said, “Hairu?” which means “Wanna get inside?” in the first video. I translated it into, “Am I fit to the screen?” instead. I think it should be like this:

Ikuchan: *spreads the skirt with both of her hands* Wanna get inside (the skirt)?
Maiyan: *is approaching Ikuchan* Yeaaaaay!

And it seems like the 1st video is connected to the scene where Ikuchan is hugging Maiyan and both of them started to say “I love you” to each other.

Also, the caption for that clip (saying I love you to each other) is:
“Shiraishi Mai-san is taping Ikuta Erika-san.
Shiraishi-san’s love to Ikuta-san is too overwhelming that makes her into weird high spirit”

[SUB] 180311 Nogizaka Under Construction (Ikuchan and Maiyan Part)

It’s been a while since the last time I subbed a video. At first I was about to do another highlight but the struggle to cut and render the video was real. I’ve spent hours since the show was ended to render and my laptop kept failing to do that. So I decided to sub Ikuchan and Maiyan part only.

And actually I want to write more about this 20th single senbatsu announcement. Too bad, I’m too tired. Mentally.

Anyway, please watch!

Note: You can’t watch it on dailymotion because I’m setting it as private video. Please watch the video in this page.


It would be a wonderful gift to me if it was IkuMai double center.

171022 Model Press Interview


I can finally control my breath into normal. lol

@qjunk_ on Twitter mentioned me with an article from Modelpress. I was drinking my smoothies for dinner and almost choked to death seeing the thumbnail of the article.


It’s a kami article.


This time, I’ll translate some parts of the article. Some parts which Ikuchan and Maiyan are mentioned, obviously. I’m getting more and more biased to these two ; __ ;
I’m boasting to my otaku friends that I’m a Nogizaka DD (daredemo daisuki), but look at me now? So many amusing parts in tonight’s Nogichuu but I’m translating this instead.

Maa iika?

So here we go!


― 「あなたはまだ、強くなれる」というキャッチコピーもありますが、作品をとおして“成長できた”ことを教えてください。
― “There is a catchphrase ‘You can be even stronger’, please tell us something got stronger in you through filming this movie.”


Ikuta: As for me, it’s my posture. It’s changed since Naginata instructor taught me. When I have a bad habit when I’m standing. I bend my back backward too much. Naginata is important for its beautiful appearance, also, I have to play a role of Nene-chan who is a strong one. If I bend my back backwards, it will look like I’m trying to flee. The instructor kept saying “Go forth! Go forth!” to fix my posture. As the result, I can feel that my posture is better in my daily basis.


Shiraishi: As for me, usually the filming started early morning so I woke up at 5 a.m and it was continuing for days until I get used to it *laughs*. I’m actually a morning person, but it’s new that I can move my body soon as I’m awake *laughs*.

We asked the rivals, Maharu (Shiraishi Mai) and Nene (Ikuta Erika) to glare at each other.

― 作品でも描かれていますが、部活の青春に“ライバル”“憧れ”“刺激”といった言葉はつきものだと思うのですが、最近そのような言葉をメンバーに思ったことはありますか?

 The words ‘Rivals’, ‘Admiration’, and ‘Encouragement’ in club activity are presented in this movie. Do you think the same to some members in group lately?


Ito (Marika): I think it’s Ikuchan!


Ikuta: Huh?!


Ito: Ikuchan is in the middle of musical activities along this summer but she spared her time to join the tour. It was actually impossible for her to join the tour due to her hectic schedule. But she volunteered herself and said, “Let me join just for one schedule in Sendai!”. She only had a short time for the rehearsal. But she did well at the day of the live performance. At the end of the live she said, “This is my last performance for local stages.”. At the time she said that, I thought that she was actually being chased by her hectic schedule, yet I could see her refreshing appearance at the same time. It was a rare thing for her to show that figure to us. That time, I thought that an amazing person does exist in this group.


Ikuta: That’s very kind of you *laughs* As for me, I realized that everyone are also having a hectic schedule. And I think that the other members are even busier than me so I don’t want to burden them. That’s why I’m so happy to hear she said that.

― 旭(西野)&真春(白石)と寧々(生田)のようなライバル関係は乃木坂46のなかにもあるのでしょうか?
― Is there any rivalry in Nogizaka46 like Asahi (Nishino) & Maharu (Shiraishi) and Nene (Ikuta)?


Sakurai: As what I’m seeing around members, I don’t see any struggling personally between members in the group. There’s no one who thinks of being stand-out the most of all. But since 3rd gen members are also joined, so many opportunities for us to get differentiated between generations. By that, the feelings of “We can’t lose to our seniors!”, “We can’t let our juniors beat us!” are getting stronger in the group.

Interview Memo/The Bond of These 5 We Were Seeing Throughout Interview

Both of them are being playful ①

Both of them are being playful ②

Both of them are being playful ③ All of them are so adorable♪


No stand-ins in battle scenes! They are pursuing the real thing thoroughly! Therefore, they were practicing Naginata in the midst of their schedule. Sincerity and earnestly and all—–The interview and photo-shot time was short, but we could see their bonds along the way. We asked the rivals, Maharu (Shiraishi) & Nene (Ikuta) to glare at each other, and then soon they fold their arms and did what we requested. But then, few seconds later, both of them laughed and then being playful. On the other side, Shoko (Sakurai) & Eri (Ito) were being all clingy to Fumino (Tomita). Both of them closed their eyes comfortably and that was very pleasant scenery for us.


Photos galore!


Am I the only one who is seeing the last two photos as if Ikuchan and Maiyan are the brides and the rests are their bridesmaids?


FYI, this post was created on Oct, 23 but I could finally publish it a week after. Welp. I was busy. I couldn’t even focus on Kareshi Event in Nogikoi ; _ ;

Thanks for reading!

Source: Modelpress

Shiraishi Mai’s 2017 Seitansai Project (Dating & Lovey-Dovey)

I started wrinting this at 8:41 PM (GMT+7)… I’m not sure if I can make it before 10 PM… But let me give it a try.

Here, in my country, Saturday night is well-known as a night where couple goes out for hanging. Don’t ask me why I’m staying at home and writing this. This is my happiness. Nuff’ said. lol

It’s just a few hours before the day changes in Japan. So I’ll try to write it quick.

130413 1,100 yen(o^_^o)


Lately, I promised something with Ikuchan.


That promise is…





to take a photo together in a photo booth. …what?





Can you imagine…Ikuchan’s taking photos in a photo booth? lol



In my image, Ikuchan will play piano, study, and then play the piano again in her days offヽ(´o`;



But she said that she took some photos in photo booth few times so we promised to take one together!

And we will also go for shopping!




Hmmm, Mrs. Prezdirector, I’m really looking forward to this~!




Today, she was beside me and suddenly doing a voice percussion. A usual lively Ikuchan♡lol

An exclusive model and the president director will go for a date. lol

131017 Flickering Lamp(o^_^o)




Finally, I took a photo with Ikuchan in a photo booth!!!




We promised for some time ago, but our timings wouldn’t match each other… Few days ago, we’ve got a break time and used it to go to a photo booth. Although it was raining but we went there♡




Our high spirits were above normal.
It was way too ridiculous so we won’t show the photos lol



Ikuchan, I mean, Boss, let’s go for a dinner next time o(^▽^)o



Why you two so stingy!! We wanted to see the photo you two took!! My eyesight will goes bad if I try too much zooming to see the picture =__=


150401 Core(o^_^o)


Today, after I finished my work… I finally went together with Ikuchan…to see Takara…



I’ll write the details next time!


150413 ♪♪♪(o^_^o)


I’m sure you all already knew if you read Ikuchan’s blog.


Finally! The long waited!
For the first time, we went to watch Takarazuka~~~!!




It was gorgeous, cool, and beautiful…
I was absorbed to the world of Takarazuka for a moment!


I can’t put into the words how fascinating it was!



I hope I can go to watch it again next time o(^_^)o




Ikuchan, thank you!!


The promised date from the day when Ikuchan gave the pair ticket of Takarazuka as valentine gift to Maiyan.  One of the best episode of NogiDoko ❤

151215 Happiness(o^_^o)

And then, Ikuchan did this to me…





A kabedon



She did it.



Erika’s style of kabedon.





Ahh, I love it. I’m in bliss♡



If my memory serves me well, in this blog post, Maiyan was also doing a lovey-dovey thing with Sayurin. Geez, what a player lol

By the way, I have an idea for a Karaage Sisters x Maiyan FF. The idea was inspired by a story in a Nogikoi 2017 New Year event. The plan to write it down? I don’t know. I disappointed so many readers already. I don’t want to redo same mistakes. So…please give me some time to think m(_ _)m

160802 Oshi(o^_^o)

They’re also posted on Ikuchan’s blog, here are some photos of us doing a model-like poses.


Lately, when we’re together, we do this pose naturally. lol


It’s so fun being with kanojo ♡



I’m not sure if it you get it or not…



Few days ago in a live broadcast of Shibuya no Oto, the scene where I leaned my head on Ikuta-san’s shoulder and she patted my head got broadcasted.

We were panicked… lol



Ikuchan always spoils me.



I’m so happy for that and we always being playful each other.


The opposite version ♡




Today is Ikuta Specialヽ(*´з`*)ノ


I was a little hesitated in translating the word じゃれあう (jareau). It’s from じゃれる (jareru) which has these meanings.


And I guess I don’t have to explain again why I didn’t translate the word kanojo. lol

I’ve got some information from a Japanese forum regarding this topic. But I can’t find the scanlation and the exact source. I’ll translate it nevertheless. Here we go.

From FLASH interview

Reporter: How do you feel being called a ‘Goddess’ by so many people?
Maiyan: Indeed fans are calling me like that. But a ‘Goddess’ to me is always be Ikuchan (Ikuta Erika). She is like an adorable little sister to me. And I like her since then!

Wow!! I really want to read the actual article!

To me, and some IkuMai shippers out ther, Maiyan is the Goddess and Ikuchan is the Angel. A perfect match for me to worship. lol


Okay, I couldn’t make it. Let me do this first…


Please stay in Nogizaka for a little while until I can see you in person :*


Okay, back to the topic.

Next one is an interview from a certain magazine. I don’t know which one though…

―You two have different ages but are first generation in the group. Also, Shiraishi-san’s oshimen is Ikuta-san. First of all, can you tell us you two’s relation?

Maiyan: Ikuchan is like a cute little sister to me. We usually play together.

Ikuchan: Maiyan is like an elder sister but she is more than that to me. That’s why I don’t have to worry for being all clingy to her.

Maiyan: Being clingy is one of cute sides of you!  You have an open attitude, and our wavelengths are matched. Just for being together, it’s a pure fun to me.



I want to go to sleep now and dream of them…

Next, from Maiyan’s 755. (screenshots will be added later)

Fan: Thanks for your hard work ❤ Please send a 2shot of Maiyan and Ikuchan
Maiyan: ❤


I like the way Maiyan replied fan’s message with just a heart icon. So many meanings behind it ❤

Another one,

Fan: Maiyan, I see that you’re really close with Ikuchan lately
Maiyan: Not lately, but since the beginning


There was a fan asked her what’s the highlight for Ray’s Feb, 2015 issue is, Maiyan answered; “It has Ikuchan in it!”

And it seemed that Maiyan joined 755 earlier than Ikuchan. When Maiyan knew that Ikuchan joined too, she said in her 755 like this

Maiyan: MY IKUCHAN!!

lol!! What a possessive nee-san you’re Maiyan =))

With that being said, she immediately follow Ikuchan’s 755.


Well, so far, that’s all I could present to you. I still have about 2 more topics for this project. I’ll post it soon.