【EVENT】Give Away to Celebrate Ikuchan’s 2019 Seitansai

Hello, my fellow Indonesians!!

Few days ago I posted a poll on my Twitter about the upcoming give away’s (GA) grand prize. Most of you chose both Ikuchan’s 1st photobook and Maiyan’s 2nd photobook as the prizes. You bunch of opportunists… wwww

So, to celebrate our beloved Ikuchan’s 22nd birthday and her 2nd photobook release AND this site’s 1st anniversary, I would like to conduct a GA event. Also, I’ve been living nomad these past few years and about to leave my current place again soon. So I need to find new owners for these lovely goods who will truly cherish them rather than I put them inside a box and store it in a warehouse.

Make sure to follow the steps below so you can be qualified as a participant of this event.

  1. Must be Indonesian resident! (Sorry, international Ikuchan-oshi… I cannot afford the shipping cost outside Indonesia ; _ ; )
  2. Follow my twitter https://twitter.com/inchanish
  3. Retweet this tweet
  4. Reply the tweet with a reason why you chose Ikuchan as oshimen or why you like her. If you aren’t Ikuchan-oshi, you can write why you like your oshi and/or Nogizaka46 in general. Don’t forget to add this hashtag #生田絵梨花生誕祭 (please copy-paste it if you cannot type the letters). You can use English/Bahasa/Japanese to reply.
  5. I’ll reply your reply with number. WARNING! I cannot see your reply if your account is locked and I don’t follow you.

Below is the mechanism of the event

  1. This event will start on Monday, 21st January 2019 at 23:00 JST/GMT+9 (21:00 WIB, 22:00 WITA, 23:00 WIT) or if you are confused with the time zone, just stand by on my twitter account on Jan, 21 night. I will post the tweet exactly on 23:00 JST.
  2. The event will end on Friday, 25th January 2019 at 23:59 JST. If you reply after the event ended, you are not qualified as a participant.
  3. I will choose 10 lucky participants using a raffle app to get random goods. I will choose one participant as winner of the grandprize based on the best reply. I will judge your reply objectively.
  4. I will announce the winners via twitter livestream on Saturday, 26th January 2019 at 21:00 JST.

Points to note

  1. DO NOT USE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS! 1 person 1 account to participate this event. Please give others chance to get the prize.
  2. Accounts with 0 follower and an egg profile picture are not qualified.
  3. The shipping cost will be 100% borne by me.
  4. Total participants must be at least 50. If the total participants is below 50, no grandprize will be given. Only random goods. So please spread the tweet widely! \o/
  5. If you have queries regarding this event, please do not hesitant to contact me. Just drop your question on the comment box below or just simply mention me on twitter for faster respond.

Good luck!


[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Part 3)

Q41. Your weak point.
A. It’s hard for me to have a quality sleep if I’m not sleeping on my home’s bed.

Q42. What are you doing during days off?
A. Sleeeeping (lol)

Q43. Thing that made you enraged lately.
A. I don’t remember there was any.

Q44. How do you cope up when you face a hardship?
A. I’ll seek advices from people around me and do what I can do. Rather than running away, I will try to face it.

Q45. Are you a type of person who thinks of what to wear in the morning or a day before?
A. It’s not like I can always do this, but I want to decide my dress code a day before. I start to think for my tops first a lot.

Q46. Maiyan’s charm point(s) is/are?
A. I get complimented a lot for my fair skin, my beauty spot, and my eyes.

Q47. Frankly speaking, are you a masochist (M) or a sadist (S)?
A. Basically I’m an M but I’m an S to Akimoto Manatsu.

Q48. If you were an animal, what would you be?
A. Rabbit.

Q49. Please tell us one secret of yours that hasn’t been known by anyone!
A. When wearing socks or leggings, I start with my left foot first.

Q50. What should we do to overcome nervousness?
A. I’m also a type who gets nervous easily especially when I’m in an unfamiliar place. I’ll try to consider every rehearsal is the real performance or vice versa to control my feelings.

Q51. If you were given a day to be someone else, who would you be?
A. I want to be a boy. Like having thin and attractive body with six-pack abs and doing some poses in front of the mirror.

Q52. What is your best mimicry?
A. Voice mimicry. I even got our member; Takayama’s official recognition for doing her voice mimicry. I also do some voice mimicry of Laura and/or Nakama Yukie-san officially.

Q53. How do you release your stress?
A. By eating sushi. I went to a sushi-go-round restaurant with our manager few days ago.

Q54. What if earth will be doomed tomorrow?
A. I could care less about that and just do what usually I do.

Q55. You’ll be given 2 days off starting tomorrow! What do you want to do?
A. I want to go to some neighbor countries like Taiwan or Thailand!

Q56. What kind of your ideal boyfriend?
A. A smart and funny one.

Q57. What would you be if you weren’t choosing a path to be an idol?
A. I wanted to be a childcare professional because I took nursery as my major in high school.

Q58. In what kind of activity that calms or relaxes you?
A. When I’m doing laundry. When the washing machine starts to operate and when the water is flowing inside it. Staring at those really calms me.

Q59. What will you order for a tea in a café?
A. Iced Chai Tea. I like sweet drinks.

Q60. Is there any trick for us to make you happy again when you feel down?
A. It’s easy. Just lure me with tasty snacks or foods.

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[ Maiyan’s 2018 Seitansai Project ] 100 Questions About Maiyan (Part 2)

Q21. People you’re respecting.
A. My parents.

Q22. Things you are never miss to do.
A. To use a vacuum cleaner.

Q23. Your dream when you were a kid.
A. A florist and a stylist.

Q24. Your favorite onigiri’s filling.
A. Seasoned kelp and dried salmon. Those two are Shiraishi family’s specialty. My mother used to make it for me.

Q25. What did you eat for breakfast today?
A. Fruits sandwich.

Q26. Is there any words you cherish that were told by someone?
A. “Don’t forget to be thankful”. On my 20th birthday, my mother sent me a lengthy message. It was the first time for me since I joined Nogizaka46.

Q27. Member of Nogizaka that you wanted to try to be just for a day.
A. Manatsu! She is very feminine. She can cook and good with handicraft. She has something I don’t have like her ability of quick thinking in variety shows! That’s why I want to try those abilities by to be her even just for a day!

Q28. Which part do you wash first when showering?
A. Hair. Basically I wash from head first. When it comes to make-up cleanse, I’m using cleansing oil for make-ups near my eyes. I’m using milk type cleanser to cleanse other parts.

Q29. Your best specialty that you believe no one could beat.
A. My wrists are so flexible. I can rotate them in circle.

Q30. Song that you must sing in a karaoke.
A. Nishino Kana’s “Kono Mama de”. I sang that song in Nogizaka46 audition.

Q31. When you think that you’ve gained weight, what do you do?
A. Firstly I’ll review my diet. I’ll minimize my carbohydrate intake and focus my diet to vegetables.

Q32. What do you eat to reward yourself?
A. Meats! I really like pork belly. I like fried pork belly wrapped round sliced onions, meat rolled vegetables…they are ultimately delicious.

Q33. What do you do to recharge yourself when you feel down?
A. I usually eat when I’m feeling down. We can power up by eating, don’t you think so?

Q34. First thing(s) you do when you wake up in the morning.
A. Firstly, I turn off my alarm. Then to fully wake myself up, I take a warm shower. It also helps me to warm my body.

Q35. 3 things you hate the most in this world.
A. Cockroaches, narrow spaces, and celery.

Q36. Which one do you prefer? Being funny or being straight man?
A. Definitely straight man.

Q37. What will be your first drink in a girls’ party?
A. If it’s alcoholic, I’ll have plum wine soda.

Q38. What will you do if you have a bad day?
A. I talk to someone. Or eat something yummy.

Q39. Things you’re collecting unintentionally.
A. Socks. I have some with lame cloth on them and simple colored ones as well lately. I’m wearing socks everyday so I buy without second thought if I saw the ones I like.

Q40. Your strong point.
A. I’m energetic since morning everyday!

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