[Group Order/Personal Order] Nogizaka46 23rd Single 『Sing Out!』 – OPEN!

Sorry for making you wait, and actually I’m not really sure if you guys are still interested to buy this single from me…

However, we have finally known the jacket covers and the songs for this single.


Type B

Type C

Type D

Regular Type (CD Only)

Shop and Bonus List

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Terms & Conditions

  1. For personal purchase, please fill this form (for a group order host, please send me DM to Twitter).
  2. Only available for 50 personal buyers. If the quota is filled before the order deadline, the order form will be closed.
  3. After the form is submitted, please wait (2×24 hours) for a notification email from me (total you have to pay). Please check your spam folder in case you can’t find my email. If there’s no notification within 48 hours, please send me a DM to Twitter.
  4. I will accept orders until 12 May 2019.
  5. The payments will be divided into 2 periods. 1st is for the CD payment (due May, 17th) and 2nd is for the shipping fee (due a week after the CDs are arrived)
  6. All items are sealed. I will not send unsealed ones unless requested.
  7. The weight for 1 CD is approximately 200gr (without cardboard for shipping).
  8. The prices above are excluding shipping fee to your country.
  9. Make sure that your country is mailable by Japan Post.
  10. I will not use your personal information for another purpose than sending your purchased order(s). However, I cannot guarantee for any information leakage since I’m using Google Form and Gmail (third parties) to collect your data. If you are worried with the safety of your personal information, please refrain from joining to order.
  11. Make sure to give me valid shipping address and active phone number. I will not take any responsibility if the goods are lost/cannot arrive to your address because the address you sent me is invalid.
  12. I will not take any responsibility for any damages of the goods after you received them. I will make sure there will no damage before dispatching them to your address.
  13. You must borne for any occurring additional fee(s) (tax, customs duty fee, etc) when the goods are arrived to your country.
  14. Airmail shipping type for small package is only applicable up to 2kg (approx. 4 CDs). If your order is more than 4 CDs and you choose Airmail shipping type, it will be counted as International Parcel Post and the rate is higher than EMS. I recommend you to choose EMS if you buy more than 4 CDs.
  15. If you choose Airmail shipping type and the shop bonus is poster, the poster will be folded. If you want the poster to be rolled, please choose EMS so I can pack your order in a larger box (additional fee may arise).
  16. I DON’T ACCEPT ANY RETURNS/REFUNDS AFTER I CHECKED OUT YOUR ORDERS! I will inform you the availability of the bonus before you make any payment to me.
  17. Please read carefully and understand this term and condition before deciding to fill the form. Form filled & sent = agree with the terms and conditions.

If you have queries regarding matter above,
please do not hesitate to contact me!