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Popluar Series
Members’ true nature are made public again this week! Enjoy the photos and the comments from the photographers as well.

Weekly Photographers-01
Performing Artist – Wakatsuki Yumi
“I like making sweets, but I actually like eating it more. I’m not even missing any latest information about sweets!”
1st photobook “Palette” (Shuueisha) is currently on sale.

Weekly Photographers-02
Group’s first Office Lady Concurrent Idol – Shinuchi Mai
I want to go back to Thai again, where my photobook has been taken. I like Massaman Curry so much that I often cook it at home.”
She’s appearing as Hostess at the stage play of “The Girl Who Leapt through Time”.

Weekly Photographers-03
A character who acts cute and wants to be loved – Akimoto Manatsu
“At my grandmother’s house, there were pictures of my mother in her 20s that are being displayed, and she was doing cute faces. Like mother like daughter, huh… and so I thought (lol)”
 She also appears often in variety shows.

Wakatsuki Yumi・Matsumura Sayuri
Mattsun usually sleeps in Dogeza pose. For some reason, Wakatsuki did the same and went to sleep (lol) 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Sagara Iori・Shiraishi Mai
A rare 2-shot has been taken during our tour. I’m envious of their good looks. 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Yoda Yuki・Saito Yuuri
Yuttan is wearing 3rd gen’s outfit. Yoda’s mental age is older than hers!? 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Ikuta Erika
At the handshake event, I found Ikuchan eating rice to the very extent! 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Saito Asuka
Asuka with her overly long sleeves and showing an embarrassed face makes my heart race! Her girly aura is unbeatable! 📷 Shinuchi Mai

Shinuchi Mai・Matsumura Sayuri
The Onee-sans challenged themselves by doing a high ponytail. It’s still acceptable, nee-sans! (lol) 📷 Akimoto Manatsu

Suzuki Ayane・Watanabe Miria・Hori Miona
The 2nd gens trio are getting along with each other. Are they planning to form a “Pudding Club” Gundan!? 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Eto Misa・Hoshino Minami
Minami has finally turned 20 years old.  But as usual, members are still treating her as the little sister. 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Kubo Shiori
Kubo-chan has a mysterious charm. There are still many sides of her that haven’t been showed yet. 📷 Shinuchi Mai


Ikoma Rina・Akimoto Manatsu
She is way too conscious of the camera that makes herself excessively cunning!
At the handshake event, Manatsu was wearing something unpleasant. Her excuse was like, “I’m cosplaying as a rabbit.”, but her outfit was off-shoulder, exposed belly-button, and she was also wearing mini skirt and fishnet stockings that it even reached a level where the members are gossiping about it (lol). Ikoma-chan asked her, “What are you wearing inside?”. I captured the moment when she pulled Manatsu’s sleeve, but Manatsu suddenly pulled out cutesy face intentionally. It’s easy to catch her being cunning (lol). By the way, when she was asked what she was wearing inside, she just replied with “I don’t know ♪” as if she’s an innocent. 📷 Shinuchi Mai
#Off-shoulder #Manatsu Theater #Performance

Nishino Nanase
She looks like a small animal taking shelter from the rain
During an event of Seven Eleven, Nanase was fooling around as if she’s trying to stay dry under an umbrella. She rolled herself up inside the umbrella just like a small animal. If such a cute girl will be at the cash register, I’ll be sure to pass there every day. 📷 
Wakatsuki Yumi
#Sheltering from the rain

Shiraishi Mai
Reproducing memories that took during those lessons
About 5 years ago, Mai-chan and the others in Onee-san Team, would always wear jacket’s hood during lessons trying to imitate Moji Moji-kun together. Remembering that,she reproduce the memories for me. It felt somehow nostalgic. 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Ikuta Erika’s Blog English Translation (2018.02.20)

Checked & revised by Inchan

Great Comet~♪ 525


Good evening


I’ve been using Theater Live 4u recently!


Bullets Over Broadway

Mata Hari

Poe no Ichizoku

And many more


And also the movie Greatest Showman


I felt a lot of excitement

I laughed, I cried, and I even felt empathy

Just by watching, you can already consume calories.


Input Output

Both are important!


There was an announcement today.


On January 2019

I will take the role of Natasha in“Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812″ musical!


Inoue Yoshio-san will play the role of Pierre.

I once mentioned at radio that someday I hope we will be able to stand on the same stage

But to think that this will happen in just a short time…

I am really happy!


When I was watching Tony Award on TV last year

The audience’s seats are on the stage and it had an impact to me

It was very  memorable.

I wonder how it will be in Japan.


Konishi Ryousei-san, Hiromu Kiriya-san has also been announced as casts today

And those who haven’t been announced yet

I’m looking forward to the production of Japan’s premiere of Great Comet


Everyone, please look forward to it ♪



These pictures aren’t really related but

This was from our recent Hong Kong live’s dressing room.


2/25 18:30~

I will appear in Bananaman-san no Sekkaku Gourmet!

We three got really lively♪

I was told to only taste but I ate like I’m used to everyday. lol

It had fun so much~~ Such a great program~~


Shitara-san has finally recovered from influenza and it was his first recording.

Since influenza is starting to spread even more, please take care of yourselves everyone >_<


I will appear two weeks later so stay tuned



Erika (。・∀・。)☆彡