[NEWS] Ikoma Rina Announced Graduation

Nogizaka46 1st generation member; Ikoma Rina announced graduation in an interview of Nikkan Sports newspaper (Jan, 31st issue).

It has been on the net for hours since the preview of the newspaper began to spread around. The headline of the article is “Ikoma-chan The Face of Nogizaka46 Will Graduate in The Next Single and Continue to Exist in Showbiz

It’s hard for me to read the whole article because I can’t find a better resolution of it anywhere. So, here goes the gists of the article:

  1. The release of 20th single still TBA
  2. No, she isn’t going to marry anyone soon
  3. The trigger of this graduation is because it’s common (in Japan) that a 22 years old as freshgrad to contribute in society.
  4. Things left undone in Nogizaka46 is to retake “Mizutama Moyou” MV
  5. She is glad to be able to appear together with Golden Bomber
  6. She wants to make a lot of friends after graduated and work extensively as a talent.

And here I am still waiting for words from officials.



Official statement

Ikoma’s statement in her blog