Nogizaka46 no 『No』 #151 – Nogizaka46 4th Anniversary 46hour TV ~Princess Senbatsu~ [ENG sub]

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Inchan is here!
I’m back with another subbed video. This time, a live broadcast of Nogizaka no “No” radio episode 151. It’s a cut from 4th anniversary 46hour TV.
It’s been a while since the last time I did all subbing activity by myself for an over 20 minutes long of a show! I apologize in advance if there is so many grammar error or typo. I was subbing this after having overtime in my full time work everyday. So, yeah. Brain wasn’t functioning well.
I’ve been googling if this show is already subbed or not. No result. So I take the chance.
Or it’s actually has been done but I couldn’t find it? :\
Nevertheless, I’ll post it. Sure, you can compare my work with the others. And I’ll be delighted if you give me feedback about my translations.
The reason why I chose this show? Keep scrolling so you’ll know why 😉

Well, I think it’s obvious :3Enjoy the show! (The streaming video is at the end of this post)

The video quality is not as good as the original 46 hours one. It went through so many times of conversion. Sorry about this.

You can’t watch the video on Dailymotion. I set it as private video. If you have the direct link to watch it on Dailymotion, please, please, please! keep it to yourself and DON’T SHARE THE LINK! Thank you.

Timing, encoding, translation by Inchan


白生生星 (shiraikuihoshi) ❤



Shakiizm all the way! ❤



And yass! OTP <333333
So many IkuMai moments here <33333









Okay, the last.


Whoops, wrong screenshots ww


Hardsub video 720p

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