[NEWS] Ikoma Rina Announced Graduation

Nogizaka46 1st generation member; Ikoma Rina announced graduation in an interview of Nikkan Sports newspaper (Jan, 31st issue).

It has been on the net for hours since the preview of the newspaper began to spread around. The headline of the article is “Ikoma-chan The Face of Nogizaka46 Will Graduate in The Next Single and Continue to Exist in Showbiz

It’s hard for me to read the whole article because I can’t find a better resolution of it anywhere. So, here goes the gists of the article:

  1. The release of 20th single still TBA
  2. No, she isn’t going to marry anyone soon
  3. The trigger of this graduation is because it’s common (in Japan) that a 22 years old as freshgrad to contribute in society.
  4. Things left undone in Nogizaka46 is to retake “Mizutama Moyou” MV
  5. She is glad to be able to appear together with Golden Bomber
  6. She wants to make a lot of friends after graduated and work extensively as a talent.

And here I am still waiting for words from officials.



Official statement

Ikoma’s statement in her blog

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Published [NEWS] Ikoma Rina Announced Graduation by inchan

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Nogi_Satsu Vol. 41 Translation

Translation: ikuuudon
Raw text provider: inchan
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Scanlation source: 2ch


Nogi_Satsu Vol.041
Offshots that have been compiled one after another, 12 Nogi pictures has been made public!
Weekly Photographers-01
A character who acts cute and wants to be loved – Akimoto Manatsu
“I like talking to people. And recently, I am appearing in various shows as a guest. Because of that, being a regular in a radio someday has become my goal.” Photobook “Manatsu no Kiatsu Haichi” is on sale.                                                               
Weekly Photographers-02
Performing Artist – Wakatsuki Yumi
“I haven’t had much time being with members because of my stage play, and since Wakasama Gundan is just newly born, I want to take a group picture with them already!” 1st Photobook “Palette” (Shueisha) is now on sale.
Weekly Photographers-03
Fashion Leader Personality – Itou Marika
“I feel lonely thinking that this is my last time being with the members, but after graduating, I would like to start walking towards a new goal!” She will be graduating from Nogizaka46 by the end of the year.
Akimoto Manatsu
Momoko said that I and this stuffed toy are lookalike and then she took this photo. 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
Itou RiriaShinuchi Mai
Isn’t it amazing that there are two members who have a 10 year gap with each other! 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
Etou MisaSaito Yuuri
These two have a great service spirit, that’s why when I pointed the camera to them, they just played along! 📷 Itou Marika
Wakatsuki YumiHoshino Minami
I’ve come to see Minami as an oneechan because she is getting attached to kohais recently! 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
Ozono Momoko
Momo-chan wrinkling her nose which is very cute. What a nice face she’s doing out there (lol) 📷 Itou Marika
Shiraishi Mai
When I pointed the camera to Maiyan who always got an angry face everytime I’m in front of her, she gave me a kissing face ❤ 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
Matsumura Sayuri
Macchun is eating Zunda Mochi. Why is she so cute-! 📷 Itou Marika
Saito Yuuri
Yucchan did made a duck out of wet wipe. Her femininity is exceptionally amazing! 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
Nishino NanaseYoda Yuki
Naachan kindly approached Yodachan who got so nervous. 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
Shiraishi MaiAkimoto Manatsu
The bond between Maichan and Manatsu’s unmatched combination is real
In television or even at MC, “Kuroishi-san” and “Cunning Manatsu”always appears, but in reality, I think that Mai-chan really respects Manatsu. They always get to be together a lot during activities of the senbatsu or fukujin. Even when it comes to interviews, I can see that Mai-chan relies on Manatsu. Of course, some of their characteristics and looks are totally different. But look at this, they share the same birthday and they only have 1 year gap with each other, so I think they’re somehow connected.
This picture is rare; Manatsu is teasing Mai-chan. This is interesting.  Manatsu is stretching her to the fullest though (lol)
📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
Kuroishi-san #Manatsu-san #Closefriends #SameBirthday
Nishino Nanase
The member whom I’m with for 6 years that I want to take a picture of!

Nanase told me recently, “I’ve always wanted to be close with you”. Isn’t this picture so great!? “Did you forget your umbrella? But I won’t let you get in here” (in Kansai Dialect) and so I was hearing that kind of voice in my head. This day,
I thought that I want to take pictures of everyone for the last time.
📷 Itou Marika
Wannashare #anumbrella?
Hori Miona
I’m jealous of her clarity skin!
Miona has a little bit of natural stupid personality. Her skin is so white that it looks so clear. It’s so cute. She is rising up her femininity lately. Now, she is becoming more fashionable. 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi

Nogi_Satsu Vol. 40 Translation

Translation: ikuuudon
Raw text provider: inchan
Check & revisions: inchan
Scanlation source: 2ch




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Nogi_Satsu Vol.040
A popular corner that is filled of intriguing moments of Nogizaka46. It is packed with private shots took by each members. Come on, let’s
make #NogiSatsu the top trending!
Weekly Photographers-01
Fashion Leader Personality – Itou Marika
“I want to record a lot of moments I have with the precious members, and so I took a lot of pictures of them with NogiSatsu camera.”
She will be graduating from Nogizaka46 by the end of the year.
Weekly Photographers-02
Performing Artist – Wakatsuki Yumi 
“Sayunyan (Inoue Sayuri) is also participating in a stage play this month, so I want us support each other to be able to give all our best!”
1st Photobook “Palette” (Shueisha) is now on sale. She is currently performing in the stage play “Smart Moteryman Kouza”.
Weekly Photographers-03
A character who acts cute and wants to be loved –
Akimoto Manatsu
“Now that it’s getting cold, I want to invite members to have a Hot Pot Party!” Photobook “Manatsu no Kiatsu Haichi” (Tokumashoten) is on sale. She also appears often in variety shows.
Suzuki AyaneSaito Yuuri
I took a picture of Ayane and Yucchan. Recently, Ayane is becoming more idol-ish at full throttle! 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
Matsumura SayuriIkuta Erika
When I entered the elevator, I got to be with “Karaage Shimai”! 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
Yoda Yuki
Perhaps it’s because she was so hungry, she dashed for the sweets immediately even though she still has her bag on her back! 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
Ikuta Erika
She was making scary face, and when I faced the camera to her, she was so into it. It was funny! 📷 Itou Marika
Shiraishi Mai
“Still not done with the questionnaire~”Mai-chan said, who looks like she’s about to cry (lol) 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
Hoshino MinamiTakayama Kazumi
These two, who are strongly loved by everyone, doing a cute pose. The natural charm 📷 Itou Marika
Kubo Shiori
Kubo-chan wearing glasses and  having the blanket wrapped around her. She looks like she’s at day-off ❤ 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
Saito Asuka
Asuka who’s having make-up application. I’m so satisfied to catch her natural smile. 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
Etou MisaWakatsuki Yumi
“Do you think it is still alright for us to wear school uniforms?” said by Waka and Misa who seems worried (lol) 📷 Akimoto Manatsu
Nishino NanaseAkimoto Manatsu Sear this scenery of these two people’s lovely dovey shot in your eyes
Before, it was impossible for them to have this kind of a 2-shot (lol). But now, they even did the “Yes, Fall in Love”pose! In Zenkoku Tour, since we had to perform my unit song with Naa-chan and Reika (Sakurai), “Rewind Ano Hi”, we did voice training altogether, and we talked a lot to each other. I’m so happy since it’s rare for us to have such unit song. Manatsu
has been a substitute of some members when appearing in a TV show, and I thought that it was amazing for her to carry such a big important role. Even in the shadows, she still reviews her work properly. I want to follow her example of doing such great effort!
📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
Yes #Fallinlove
Ozono MomokoShiraishi Mai
Mai-chan and Momoko look like they’re having fun!
In the early days, Momoko was still a cry-baby. I didn’t expect for her to grow so fast like now, she’s close to the 1st gen (lol). Anyway, I’m really happy for our kohai’s growth! 📷 Wakatsuki Yumi
Shinuchi MaiWakatsuki YumiSakurai ReikaInoue SayuriEtou MisaIkoma RinaAkimoto Manatsu
Making memories in my last photo shoot
We visited Kamakura to have a photo shooting for the jacket cover of “Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru”. We were against wearing school uniform, but in the end, everyone was into it and I felt like we have become young somehow (lol) For me, since it’s the last photo shooting for the jacket cover I’m spending with them, I’ve suddenly remembered our early days. I’ve somewhat felt nostalgic. 📷 Itou Marika
Uniform #Kamakura