[SUB] 171008 Nogizaka Koujichuu (Maiyan and Ikuchan part)

Sorry for those people who wished and expected me to sub the whole show. Nope. I won’t. Unless someone will do the timings then I’ll sub the whole show. That’s my job in Hi!sub. So here, I’ll just do what I like 😉
And sorry for the low quality of the video. I don’t have much data plan left on my phone ; __ ;

2nd subbed video I published today!

I have to go to work in…3 hours!

And I’m hungry af.

[SUB] Megashaki Challenge (Karaage Sisters and Maiyan)

Wow! Finally! Actually I finished subbing and encoding the video 2 days ago. But I didn’t know why the chrome plugin to upload videos directly from dropbox to dailymotion keeps on failing. So I tried to upload it to google drive first but the connection I tethered from my phone was unstable so…yeah. I’m tried dealing with slow connections. orz

Put that miserable side of me away. I’m presenting you a video of Karaage Sisters and Maiyan in Megashaki Challenge. For the nth times, I don’t know if someone already subbed this. I don’t mean to be bragging, but I don’t watch Nogi’s videos using subs that’s why I don’t know. (And lazy to look up on the net as well)

Enjoy the video!

(You can’t watch it on dailymotion because I’m setting the video as private. Please watch in this post.)