Shiraishi Mai’s 2017 Seitansai Project (MV)

Whoa! It’s 8:00 PM here and I can finally open my laptop to write this after I’m done with my office work.

This time will be slightly brief and there’ll be some grammar errors due to overworked brain so…I apologize in advance m(_ _)m

As the title said, MV or Music Video. Once I read an IkuMai thread in a Japanese forum, those two became canon/official pairing since Girl’s Rule MV. It’s true I guess. But I can’t say that they’re canon though. Not so many people ship these two. But I’m happy whenever IkuMai created a moment or two together, people in thread I follow were saying “Oh, here comes IkuMai!” or “IkuMai is really soothing” or so they said. It’s good to know that I’m not alone T v T

Now back to MV topic.

I was planning to create .gifs where IkuMai are together in every MV. But…I guess I’ll postpone it and do it when I have more me time than office time. I will do. I…promise.

That wasn’t so convincing but, I will definitely do. Dunno when tho. Don’t worry, I’m a pro(crastinator) after all =))

Seriously now,

here I present you some of Maiyan’s blog posts that related to MV along with Ikuchan.

120204 Me and Kanojo*♪

There’s a scene where a girl was rubbing other girl’s leg in Guru-Guru Curtain’s MV,




actually that’s my leg that rubs Ikuchan’s!



Just a little trivia (lol)


That is why I put a gif of that scene in my Tumblr yesterday :3

FTOOJBO!!! *shot*


I need to restrain myself from doing an intense delusion here.


Up next!

130315 Mint Green(o^_^o)

Shakiism as the coupling song!

It’s obvious I wanted you all to listen to the song, but I recommend you to watch the MV too.


With Ikoma; my BFF and Ikuta the moral committee.


Actually I’m very close with the moral committee lol

Hmm… Okay… I couldn’t help myself but imagining what kind of things the ‘moral committee’ was doing to male Shiraishi in the MV…

I cannot stop grinning… SOMEBODY HELP!!!


Move to the next one before my delusion escalates.

130610 Pure White(o^_^o)

Oh, right.

Girl’s Rule’s MV has finally released!


So many scenes were took place at the pool. Members were doing their best in the filming by waking up early and staying until late.


And then, it’s the exact opposite with Shakiism, me and Ikuchan are close friends in this MV!


Aw, yeah♡



Yes, the ‘so-called’ beginning of official IkuMai. I like how they spent their time together when they were taking break from the filming. And I still have the urge to sub the video but since the source is DVD…I think it’s best for me not to share it or else $ony might take all my accounts including this blog down L



131122 Effort and Will-power(o^_^o)

In chorus part, I danced desperately along with Ikuchan. (Sonna Baka na…’s MV)


First time I watched this MV, I didn’t realize IkuMai’s aura. Instead, I shipped Ikuchan with Waka lol


Okay. I guess that’s all I could present to you this time. Don’t worry, I will take one day leave on Friday so I’m gonna have 4 days consecutive free days! Yay! More time to spend to be productive in my fandom life.

And as always, you can add more information that I didn’t mention here. I’m reachable so contact me anytime. See you!

*)I didn’t translate the word ‘Kanojo’ because it has double meaning. It can be both ‘she/her’ and ‘girlfriend’ so…you know what I mean *wink, wink*

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