Ikuta Erika’s 2017 Seitansai Project (Erika-sama)


The project didn’t go well as I planned. At first, I was planning to do this project in the beginning of January. So I’d post 20 posts before Ikuchan’s special day comes.

Reality is really cruel. Being an employee sucks. I wanna go back to be a sophomore!

Well, let’s put that away. I’m planning to post the rests of 11 projects later after 22nd.

This time is about “Erika-sama” (-sama is used as suffix after person’s name as honorific and often used to refer lords, princes, princesses etc.). Kanarin (Nakada Kana) was the first one who called Ikuchan as “Erika-sama”. The reason why she called Ikuchan like that was because Ikuchan’s behavior and lifestyle is like a daughter of high-class family (お嬢様 Ojousama). In additions, she was born in Germany, she did some nonsholastic courses (piano, English conversation, ballet, Japanese caligraphy, and swimming), and enrolled in Musical Shools (High School and University).

I cut some scenes from Nogidoko where Erika-sama is mentioned. The first time was in Nogidoko ep. 31.  The topic was “Weird person around me” and Kanarin is pointed out to talk about it. She said that Ikuchan is a weird person.

There was one time when Ikuchan and Minami-chan are waiting for trains to go home. But their homes were in opposite way. When the train for Minami-chan’s home direction was about to come, Ikuchan told Minami-chan to wait for her train to come. And when the train for Ikuchan’s home direction came, she left Minami-chan alone.

In the same episode, Reika was also mentioned Ikuchan as a weird person. Ikuchan often babbles her complex about having a long forehead. Reika denied that because her forehead isn’t that long. But Ikuchan insisted and kept saying that her forehead is longer than Reika. To reassure that her forehead isn’t long, Shitara said, “There are only a few of girls who as cute as you.” Ikuchan couldn’t hide her happiness being told like that. She grinned in happiness and everyone broke into laughter.

In ep. 86 where 1st gen and 2nd gen are appearing in Nogidoko together for the first time, Shitara said to the 2nd gen members to call Ikuchan in special way. And 1st gen members said “Call her ‘Erika-sama’” but Ikuchan didn’t want that special treat and said “Just call me as friendly as you want.”

In Nogizaka no ‘No’ radio (in 46 hours TV – 4th anniversary), she ranked 1st and became the center for Princess Senbatsu members.

I don’t have much time for this. I need to prepare for my mini-thesis pre-exam which is will be held on Thursday. AND I HAVE TO SUBMIT THE DRAFT TOMORROW AJKSJGRJI!! Wish me luck!

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