Ikuta Erika's 2017 Seitansai Project (Wakatsuki Yumi)


Okay, first of all, let me say this;

I apologize to every WakaRei or WakaNana or WakaNanaRei (ShichiGatsuSakura 七月桜) shippers out there because I once ever paired Ikuchan with Wakatsuki. m(_ _)m

Most of you might be thinking why the heck I paired Ikuchan with Wakatsuki. I know it’s kinda ‘crack’ pair thingy but…before I decided to be Ikuta Erika-oshi, I liked Wakatsuki first. I like hi— I mean, I like her because of her danso. I searched about her and found out that she respects Takamina (I don’t know where did she state that but that’s what written on stage48 wiki). Also, she hates tomatoes just like Takamina. These are reasons why I liked her.

What I liked most is, when she dresses up as a guy, she looks handsome and she is pretty as she is. This type of idol is totally irritating me! It’s soooooo irritating that I like this type of idol!!!

But I was seeing her through photos only. Then, I watched some of Nogibingo episodes. Her image was different from what I’ve been imagining by seeing some of her photos. I thought that her character was like Miyazawa Sae. Well, I still like her anyway.

I forgot why did I pair Ikuchan and Wakatsuki but as far as I could remember, it’s because of Sonna Bakana’s MV. Wakatsuki had 2 shot scenes with Ikuchan and I found that cute. There was a time when I really into this song because of it.

I used a screenshot of Wakatsuki and Ikuchan in Sonna Bakana’s MV as a header of my LINE profile. A friend of mine asked if I paired these two. She said that Wakatsuki is already canon with Reika. Well, I knew that. That’s why I felt a little despair about this pair.

At the first two weeks I’ve became Nogi-wota, whenever I see Ikuchan in the same frame with Wakatsuki, I always take a screenshot. Like…these;

Nogidoko ep.19. Ikuchan was absent in Guru-Guru Curtain’s promotion due to high school entrance exam. And Wakatsuki was chosen as substitute.

(I was shocked seeing Mattsun’s hand. I thought her hand is that long but Yuttan is also raising her hand ww)

Nogibingo!1 Extra

Ijily: “Who wants to be hugged by Waka-sama?”
Members: “Meeeee!”

Ikuchan also raised her hand.

And then…


Nogidoko ep.120.

Just by seeing Ikuchan looks at Wakatsuki, it made my day lol

Reika in this photo is like “Ikuchan, switch pls.” ww

Nogibingo!3 Making of

Yes. Just by staring at each other, they lighten up my mind :”>

Imadoki and Chopin in Hatsumori Bemars

Wakasama and Ikuo-kun asjdljghhht

“Look! Ikuchan is behind me!”

Okay, Ikuchan. You’re really being a third-wheel here lol



D’aww~ love love love~♪


Yumi-chan is captured by Ikuo-kun :”>

In Nogizaka 46 hours TV (2nd album celebration) karaoke part, Ikuchan mistook Wakatsuki as a rapper specialist. And Wakatsuki retorted her by saying, “I was doing a barely voice percussion.”


Ikuchan and Wakatsuki were in charge in Nogizaka no “No” radio in the very first episode along with Asuka. And then both of them together again in episode 99 (150222).


Ikuchan(i): It’s been a while. We were here in the first episode!
Waka(w): You’re right. You were the one who thought “Nogii~” greeting in this radio.
i: Yes, that’s right!
w: And it’s still going on.
i: It’s because we left good traces that Nogi no No is still continuing.
w: *laughs* I really want to show your smug face to everyone! Too bad it’s just a radio!
i: You know, we appeared in the premiere of this radio. I thought that, why didn’t we appear in the 100th episode anyway?
w: *laughs hard*
i: Episode 99… It’s one more episode!
w: Close enough.

Most of their talk in this episode was all about acting, musical and theater. Wakatsuki was asking Ikuchan how to remember lines. And Wakatsuki found out Ikuchan’s way to remember lines is just like hers. They record their opponents’ lines in every scenes. They add some intervals so when they listen to the recording, they can practice their lines with it.

Theme: If you’re given a chance to open a shop, where and what kind of shop you’ll open?
i: In the vicinity of handshake event’s venue, I want to open a shop where I can sell some cuisines made by me.
w: Uwaaaah… That’s…
i: What do you think?
w: I’ll stop you for trying to do that.
*both laughs hard*

They have commons in acting. But they also have common in being majime (earnest/dilligent). And I like that :3

The more I watched Nogizaka’s tv show(s), the more I knew about them. Ikuchan totally stole Wakatsuki’s place in me. Ikuchan is very talented that makes me respect and adore her even though she is waaaaaay younger than me (It’s not like I’m 10 years older than her. It’s one digit gap lol). Yet she is also a natural airhead that makes me laugh out loud sometimes. The most important is, her smile brings me happiness. That. Is. Important!

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