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Ikuta Erika will appear in musical theater ‘Les Misérables’ which is scheduled to be performed from 2017 May, 25th to July, 17th at Imperial (Teikoku) Theater, Tokyo. This musical’s new casts  unveiling conference was held on November, 25th in Tokyo.

In 1989 was ‘Les Misérables’ first premiere in Japan and next year is the 30th anniversary of this monumental work. Ikuta who is casted as Cosette and the fellow new casts will create this musical even powerful.


On the platform, Ikuta said nervously, “When I was in elementary school, I watched this for so many times and I really love it. That’s why, I am so grateful for being here. I was so nervous that I bowed aimlessly, but when I had a conversation with everyone (the casts) I thought that everyone is very welcoming and lovely. From now on, I’ll meet them continuously and I’ll learn by seeing through their back as I give my best so I can merge into ‘Les Misérables’ world.” And then when a reporter asked the reason for auditioned ‘Les Misérables’, she answered, “I watched it for the first time when I was a 4th grader. I didn’t think of myself to be in that stage even a bit. That place was like above the clouds that I could’t reach. But when I was in a middle school, my heart said that I wanted to act as that role. By that, I studied vocal music and also changed my dream into a life goal. This audition was my first try but I’m shocked that I passed it.”

And when she was asked memorable thing in the audition, she answered, “The examiner told me, ‘You really can sing happily’. I still remember that clearly.”
“There are so many things that I have to learn and I will also feel the pressure, but I won’t forget the enjoyable things to be a part of this work. Cosette’s present is like a light. I hope I can be one when I act as her.” She spoke her enthusiasm.


Furthermore, she was asked, as an active member of an idol group, what is her motive power to challenge herself into theater and musical. She answered, “The reason why I entered this world of show business was because I’m aiming to be a musical actress. When I was 4th grade and first time watched this became the reason for me to aim. Rather than I wanted to be an idol, I liked musical and theater, when I realized, I became one. Since then, I thought that being active as Nogizaka46 member would make my desire to play in ‘Les Misérables’ vanish, but it’s even stronger. This is the thing I want to do. So many experiences that I let through as an idol and I could finally recognized again my goal. Those experiences are supporting me.” When the production staff is asked why did they choose Ikuta, as representative, the chairperson answered, “Since the start of this production, Ikuta was auditioned as Cosette. The staff said her audition was an amusing one. She was so stiff and nervous that time, but after receiving coaching from foreign director, her expressions became abundant. That alteration makes the staff felt yet another possibility from her. That alteration was like the real Cosette in the play where she was a little girl and grew up into an adult. That’s why we chose her.”

Ticket sales for ‘Les Misérables’ which is scheduled to start on 2017 May, 25th will open on February, 25th for May and June performances. As for July performances, the sales will start from March, 4th. In addition, there will be a preview performance on May 21st to 24th before the main one.


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